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Are you looking for an OBIEE Siebel analytics job? You want to send an effective resume to the recruiters, but have no skills in writing? You have no idea why you are not receiving any calls from the recruiters? Probably this is because your resume is going to the trash bin. Here we will help you to ease your tension and guide you to write an impressive OBIEE Siebel resume. Take our help and get ready to receive an interview call soon.

Writing a good resume is an art. You have to prepare a document in the proper format with quality and true information about your credentials. Today, recruiters receive thousands of resumes each day, and it is humanly impossible to screen all of them. Thus, they run these documents through automated software and read only the ones selected by the software. The software picks up the keywords and selects the resume which contains the maximum number of such words in the resume. Hence, the most important tip while writing this document is to mention appropriate keywords.

An OBIEE Siebel job seeker must possesses technical knowledge and skills in the OBIEE and Siebel Analytics components. A certified candidate in this domain is highly preferred by employers. Oracle Corporation went into a business alliance with Siebel Systems to strengthen the customer relation management (CRM) business solutions and related areas. OBIEEm the business intelligence tool from Oracle, took over Siebel system and is now known as OBIEE Siebel, which has proved to be a productive analytics tool. An OBIEE Siebel employee may work in the position of a consultant, architect, specialist, developer or manager.

The job trend in this field is shooting up and the scope of work is also interesting. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced individual, the following sample will give you an idea of what to and what not to mention in the resume.

OBIEE Siebel Resume Sample

Contact Information

Joshua L. Lore
2315 Ethels Lane
Lakeland, FL 33813
Tel: 863-859-4911
Email ID-

Career Objective

To be a part of a challenging work environment which will help me to explore and enhance my knowledge and skills and will contribute to the growth of the organization and personal job satisfaction.


Professional Experience

Work Duration: Apr 2011 till date
Organization Name: Some Name Tech, FL
Position: OBIEE Siebel Sr. Developer

Job responsibilities:

Work Duration: July 2008- Apr 2011
Organization Name: Miracle Co. Ltd., FL
Position: OBIEE Siebel Developer

Job Responsibilities:

Work Duration: Feb 2006-July 2008
Organization Name: ABCD Co, FL
Position: OBIEE Siebel Consultant

Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications


Technical Expertise



Name: Francis C. Kirkland
Designation: Senior Software Manager
Organization Name: Miracle Co. Ltd, FL
Telephone number- 320-XXX-XXXX
Email Id:

We hope that now you will be able to draft a perfect personalized OBIEE Siebel resume and achieve your career objective. This format coupled with your qualifications will surely enhance the chances of your selection for the interview.

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