Technology Resume Objective

When you are writing technology resume, the professional objective or objective section should be there in your resume. Here are some tips for writing good objective for your technology resume.

First of all the objective statement usually comes under your contact detail in the top section of your resume.

The objective statement for your technology resume should give the prospective employer a clear cut idea of the kind of position you are seeking for. As well as the objective should clearly and quickly summarize the key skills you possess for that particular position.

Also ensure that while applying for the different technology job positions you are rewriting the objective statement so it tailored for every particular positions.

Make sure that the remaining part of your resume back ups what you have said in your objective statement. If you have written an objective statement like "Become a Technology Manager" - the rest of your resume better back up that objective.

Technology resume objective statement must be sweet, short and specific. Below are some examples:

Here is the example of a resume objective:


Seeking for an entry level position in the technology field that provide me an opportunity to contribute my educational skills, background, and abilities for the advancement of company.

Another example of objective,

Professional Objective:

To obtain a position in a leading information technology group that utilizes my skills as consistent troubleshooter with great attention to detail.

While writing an objective statement in your resume, make use of few trigger words about your personality traits. Below are some examples of trigger words.

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