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The performance of employees and the organization depends a lot on the training specialist since he or she is the person who trains individuals how to do their job as well as guide the management on crucial matters. As such, a training specialist resume has to be full of contributions and achievements. So when drafting it, remember that the hiring managers want to read how you trained employees that helped them perform better and fulfilled their role as expected by the company. In short, the focus must be on demonstrating performance the results and not duties.

Use these tips for training specialist resume

A perfect resume is vital to land the job and shine out among the crowd. So everything from the resume format, to necessary resume sections have to be right.

Career Summary

Including a career summary in your resume is an opportunity to gain employers' attention. In this section, you can showcase your personality to allow the readers comprehend your capabilities. You can either create the summary statement as a paragraph or bulleted lists and highlight what you've accomplished in your career so far. It should outline your skills, experience, and accomplishments to keep readers glued to your resume.

Work Experience

Make your achievements shine throughout the 'work experience' section of the resume. To make it compelling and impressive, use action verbs like 'planned,' 'designed,' 'assessed,' 'developed,' 'trained,' 'produced,' 'delivered,' 'scheduled,' 'arranged,' 'examined,' 'allocated,' 'utilized,' etc.

Summary of Skills

Another resume section that needs to be as impressive as the work experience is, 'summary of skills.' This is where you need to highlight your competencies for the job. Your skills and abilities have to be nicely formatted so that they are easy to read. Most importantly, they need to be relevant to the job so that the employers can see you have what they want.

Education & Certifications

Show the type of education you have obtained for the job. Along with that, include the name of the university you attended, and the year you finally got the degree. Don't forget to add the city and state names. If there are any certifications that have helped you in honing your training skills, or secure a professional license, include them as well.

These are the four main resume sections that have to go in your training specialist resume. To see how they are formatted and information is conveyed, read this resume sample.

Sample Training Specialist Resume

Herbert M. Strange
1545 Colony Street
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: 203-303-3378

Career Summarye

Innovative, detail-oriented, and accomplished Training Specialist with 8+ years of experience in planning, developing, and producing interesting and effective training programs for catering the needs of the production, sales, HR, and quality control, and security areas. Proven abilities to create and source training materials as well as conduct training activities with focus on meeting company goals. Excellent communicator, motivator, and presenter with lots of training skills and techniques up my sleeve. Skilled leader and dynamic corporate training specialist with innumerable credits in my name for honing performance of employees and companies.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Training Specialist
Elephant Corporation, Hartford, CT
October 2017 - Present

Training Specialist
Tom & Smith Inc., Hartford, CT
March 2013 - September 2017

Training Specialist
Zebra Company, Hartford, CT
April 2011 - February 2013

Education & Certification


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