Video Game Designer Resume

The gaming industry is progressing at a rapid speed as more companies are showing interest in designing games. With digital distribution services like Google PlayStore and iStore easily available, the launching platform for a game developer is easily available. Today, more than 100 games are launched per day and there are thousands of installations. These games give the players to be in a virtual world and play the role of a marathon runner, soldier, super hero, planet savior, etc. These games are developed by the professionals working in the gaming industry by spending days to give it the right visual graphics and sounds. Even if this sounds like an exciting job, there is a lot of hard work involved in the designing video games.

A video game designer can be involved in multiple roles right from preparing sketches of the proposed game to its testing before making it live. A game undergoes thousands of modifications before the final product is made available for sale. When you work so hard to create an innovative and engaging video games, the same efforts must be put in writing a resume for the profiles in this sector. Just view the points on our website to include for this profile, and create an impressive resume.

Include correct contact information

Mentioning your contact details right at the top of the page makes it easier for the hiring manager to connect with you. You need not give out all the personal details these days. Write down your full name and permanent residential address. The employers prefer an email address, and contact number. Hence, do not forget to include your email id and working phone number in a readable font right at the start of your document.

Write Career Summary

The next section must be a job objective or a career summary. While an objective is applicable for freshers who have just entered the industry, the latter is used to spark interest in recruiters and to compel him/her for reading your resume. It can be maximum 3 - 4 lines highlighting your creativity, technological knowledge, certification names, or popular products you have worked for.

Highlight your skills

To increase the hiring manager's curiosity, writing eye-catchy words in your resume is a must. So include a few bullet points that showcase your expertise and prowess in the field. It can talk about your programming language or coding proficiency, draw graphical sketches of the character by using a software and other soft skills like leadership qualities, communication power or creative mind to resolve issues. Writing points such as sound understanding of 3D graphics and mathematics can also boost the recruiter's interest in your application.

Video Game Designer Resume

Add accomplishments in work experience

All video game developers work on the same grounds i.e. introducing new games in the market or enhancing its features in the upgraded versions. Hence, if you want to stand out of the crowd, instead of just writing the number of projects handled, specify what was your role in them. Write down the names of the games you have developed and the contribution you have done in improving the gaming experience of players. Use and add numbers wherever possible. For instance, instead of writing 'Optimized frame rate for XYZ game,' you must include numbers. This can be written as 'Optimized the game frame rate to 60 fps from 45 fps for XYZ game'. This creates a better impact on the reader, and is a powerful way of grabbing attention.

List gaming certifications/special training courses

You can also include the game programming certifications or the course training attended in a separate section. It could be related to 3D graphics, animation, any specific programming language or designing games for mobiles. Listing out a section for additional certifications can make you stand apart among the job seekers, and display your liking towards the role.

Have a short education section

At the end, include a short educational qualification section. Mostly, employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science. A bachelor's degree in game software development, game modeling, animation or any other relevant field is also accepted by this industry. Write down your degree name, university name, and the year.

You can add other sections like interests, extracurricular activities if they put a spotlight on your unique traits. In addition to this, you can mention short-term internships or volunteer work that you might have done during the college days for robots competition, gaming events if you are a beginner in this industry. It demonstrates that you are a self-starter, and have the ability to overcome roadblocks. However, ensure that the document does not extend beyond a maximum of 2 pages. Once you have drafted it, proofread for spelling mistakes and grammar. Take the help of a third person to know about your mistakes and write a concise resume. Furthermore, if you are working on your resume or have decided to write one soon, just refer to Video Game Designer Resume sample.

Video Game Designer Resume Sample

Checkout our sample video game designer resume below :

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