Advertising Resume

The business of advertising is related to creativity and this aspect extends to your job application as well. Irrespective of whether you have just passed out of graduate school, or are a seasoned advertising professional, your advertising resume lays the foundation for obtaining a new job. For this to happen, the profile draft needs to be outside the conventions associated with normal advice. In simple terms, it needs to ooze creativity.

Your resume needs to cover your abilities, skills, special attributes and your career goals. Your personal statement, if any, needs to make a good impact by highlighting major achievements from your career. You also need to explain how your employers were benefited by your sincere and excellent performance throughout the tenure. Also, mention the values that you added to companies that you worked for.

Advertising Resume

Advertising Executive Resume formats are generally written using Times New Roman font. Since it is necessary to cover an expansive work history, the executive summary is likely to be longer than three pages. Hence it is advisable to keep the profile draft concise and avoid too many fillers or adjectives.

In an Advertising resume, achievements are detailed at the top of the first page. Additionally, you need to include professional memberships, voluntary work, teaching experience as well as rewards and recognitions.

If you are a fresher, the highlight needs to be on your achievements during your course of study. Mentioning the projects worked on during the course and how you fared is necessary. Special achievements too need to be listed to make the profile worth considering.

When writing your Advertising Executive resume you should:

Samples of Advertising Resumes

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