What is Letter of Recommendation?

What is Included in a Letter of Recommendation?

Letter of recommendation is an important document. A reference letter is the proof of the candidate's merit. The document is so essential that it can make or break one's career prospects. This reference letter is significant in each person's careers. Hence, here is some guidance for those wondering what a letter of recommendation is along with details of its types, purposes and formats.


A recommendation letter is a statement where the referrer advocates the qualities of the candidate, in support of his application for a position. It includes the perspective of a third person, who has been in the candidate's association before. Hence, the reader considers the remarks and opinions made in the letter as more trustworthy and convincing. The purpose of writing the reference letter is to make the candidate's application stronger by portraying him deserving and better than others.

Purpose of Writing the Reference Letter

Candidates require reference letters at different stages of their careers. A reference letter helps candidates achieve the following purposes.

Types of Recommendation Letter

Depending upon the purpose of writing the recommendation letter, the following are the three main types. The qualities and attributes included in the letter differ as per the purpose.

Employment Recommendation Letter

The purpose of writing this letter is to prove the candidate as suitable and deserving for a job opening. It helps him get selected for the job and hence the name, employment recommendation letter.

Academic Recommendation Letter

An academic recommendation letter is the reference letter submitted with the purpose of gaining admission in some educational institute. Professors, project heads, departmental heads write the academic reference letter where they include instances of the students hardworking, dedicated and ambitious nature.

Character Certificate

A letter of recommendation is required to advocate the positive attributes of the candidate. Any person who has had a long time association with the candidate can write the character certificate. It includes experiences of the referrer with the candidate where he came across as an honest, sincere and hard working individual.

Recommendation Letter of a Product

The recommendation letter of a product includes a product review. Any product user, product reviewer or manufacturer can write the reference letter where they include details of the several features, advantages and utility of the product.

Recommendation Letter of a Service

The recommendation letter of service includes the different positives and advantages of a particular service. The writer gives a review if the service agency is approachable to seek help, if service personnel are knowledgeable in their field or polite, helpful and patient in their behavior.

Reference Letter Format

Following is the professional reference letter format. However, candidates can draft the letter differently depending upon the purpose of the letter.


It includes 'Dear (last name of the recipient)' or to 'whomsoever it may concern'.

Introductory Paragraph

It includes the basic details like the names, designation and work/educational details of both the referrer and the candidate. Also, write details of their association.

Main Letter Body

It includes details of qualities and abilities of the candidate that make him suitable and deserving for the position. Mention key attributes that make the candidate different and better than competitors.

Ending Paragraph

It includes a summary of the letter. It is used to strengthen the referrer's confidence in the candidate's abilities and present him as promising candidate.

The above points will help you understand what a letter of recommendation is. We hope these points will help you draft an effective reference letter.

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