Letter of Recommendation

There are many types of letter of recommendation which can be segregated as per the requirements and reasons for which they are written. For example, if you are interested in getting a scholarship for higher education or some research work, a letter from your principal or your head of the department definitely counts for a lot. They can vouch for your abilities and interests in whatever you are vying to do. A word from such senior and respected people holds a lot of value.

This letter increases your chances in times of tough competition, be it from your teacher, dean or ex-employer. The reason behind is that whomsoever writes the letter for you, they are supposed to know what kind of a candidate is required in that particular field and thus, their words hold certain value. Also, letters written by close friends are also considered, especially if the letter talks about the character of the person. In such cases, letters from close friends will make an impact.

Now, as far as writing the letter is concerned, you can find help in the following links as well as in the following mentioned points:

Writing a Letter of Recommendation and Recommendation Letter Sample

If you are applying for a new job, keep your recommendation letter sample ready. If some of your colleagues, subordinates or friends are applying for a job somewhere, you may be asked to write a the same letter for them. This letter will aid them in getting a job or any other such requirement they have. The importance and potential of this letter is being realized and more people are opting to use it.

So, what is the a letter of recommendation and how can you learn writing it? Also, the letter may differ based on who is writing it and for what purpose. For example, an employer writing it for a job recommendation (eg. employment letter of recommendation), or your teacher or professor writing it for academia related recommendation (eg. recommendation letter for graduate school), or your friend writing it as a character reference (eg. character letter of recommendation).

Here are some things to remember about what to write and how to structure a good letter. Just follow these basic few pointers while writing the letter:

Letter of Recommendation Sample

On this page, we will cover all the information you need for writing the letter with the help of some sample of the letters. These sample letters are in their simplest format and will help you understand the whole concept of writing a letter for recommendation.

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  2. Letter of recommendation template
  3. Specific nature of recommendation letters (Letter of Recommendation Examples)
Here are some other job and resume related links for your help.

The practice of drafting such letters has become common. The main reason could be that this letter is easy to write, it is does not cost anything, and it gives good results. Please do search through our recommendation section.

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