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In Architecture career, architects usually design buildings and other structures. They need to study if the buildings and structures are safe, functional and suit the needs of the people who use them. They have to work with engineers, urban planners, contractors and landscape architects. They have to be artists, businesspeople, organizers, planners and coordinators.

They design a variety of buildings, such as offices, factories, hospitals, schools, houses, and many more types of infrastructure. They also provide various pre-design services like conducting feasibility, environmental impact studies, selecting a site, and designing as per the requirements of clients. They also plan the design of structural systems like air- conditioning, heating, electrical systems, communication systems, plumbing, site and landscape plans.


In the Architecture career, the following tasks are carried out:-


To enter the Architecture career the basic qualification needed is a bachelor's degree. A 5-year bachelor's degree in architecture is available in most of the architectural colleges and universities. A 2-year master's degree of Architecture programs is an added advantage for improving knowledge and getting job in a reputed firm with a good salary.

Other necessary skills:-

To get into the Architectural career, the following skills are necessary:-

Place of work:-

In the Architecture career, they have to spend most of their time in their offices consulting with clients, developing reports and drawings. They spend the remaining time on constructional sites to supervise the work. Most of the architects work for 40 hours a week, but can work for longer hours and even on weekend to meet deadlines.

Job Opportunities:-

The architecture career has a wide scope in construction industry. The number of homeowners is increasing and the need to construct and design buildings is also increasing. Thus the architects work mostly with civil engineers and site in charge person in construction work.

The scope for architecture career is in various related fields like:-

They get to work in various architectural firms, government agencies on variety of projects or also can be self-employed. They also have a wide scope in following areas such as:-


In the Architecture career, the starting salary for interns is comparatively less. Most of the times the salary depends on different factors like type of education, experience, type of work and employer. The Licensed Architects are eligible to handle complex projects and are also paid good amount of salary. However, with years of experience and increase in skills the salary is expected to increase. The salary also depends on the profit earned by the architectural firms and their management and also on the performance of architects. Those who are self-employed achieve good profit. The architects who have a experience in the same field and handled different projects can expect a handsome salary.

Job Progress:-

In the Architecture career, they must complete apprenticeship/internship in an architectural firm. They become Licensed Architects after completing certain years of internship and are then eligible to handle critical projects on their own. With years of experience, they become supervisors and project managers. Licensed architects can also start business of their own. They can also go into construction management and government service.

Employment forecast:-

The demand for Architecture career is expected to grow faster as compared to other occupations. With the increase in population, there will be more need to build buildings and structures for people to live in. Thus, employment for architect jobs is supposed to be increase tremendously in coming years. However, the fresh graduate architects striving to enter as an intern may face competition, but those with excellent drawings and creativity can rise higher in this career. Thus, the fresh graduates might face a tough competition, but will be in demand in most reputed architectural firms and government agencies. The architects will be needed mostly in construction industry.

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