Banking Careers

About Banking Field:

Banking field is responsible for protecting wealth, money, funds and valuables. Banks also provide loans, credit for eligible aspirants. The banking sector also provides many other services including money orders, payment services, demand drafts, accounts checking, fixed deposits, lockers, cashier's checks and many other banking related services.

Many banking institutions also entice people for savings, insurance and investment plans. The banking sector is there from many years and it is evolving with time. However, its chief objective remain the same, which is depositing and lending money as per requisite and eligibility.

As per the activities, the banking sector is mainly classified into two types which include fiscal activities and allied activities. Fiscal activities cover activities that are mostly related to the U.S. Federal Reserve System Bank.

This bank is responsible for handling the flow of nationwide money as well as international reserves, make currency available, and hold reserve deposits of local as well as central banks of different countries. The banks related to credit intermediation and associated services industries provide service to the general public.

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