Grounds Maintenance Workers Career

A well designed and maintained garden, attractive lawns and ground create a positive impression, increase properly value, and establish a peaceful mood. The job of grounds maintenance workers is to perform various tasks required to obtain functional and pleasant outdoor environment.

Grounds maintenance workers Job Description

Grounds maintenance workers perform a variety of tasks. They may care for indoor gardens and plantings in public and commercial facilitates such as hotels, malls, and botanical gardens. Maintenance workers use hand tools like rakes, shovels, handsaws, pruning, brush trimmers, hedge trimmers, axes, power lawn-movers, snow blowers, chain saws, and electric clippers.

Grounds keeping and landscaping workers may work at schools, parks, cemeteries, and golf courses and may lay lawn when ground is prepared. Workers who serve at sod farms use sod cutters in order to harvest sod, which may be planted somewhere else. Grounds maintenance workers may be divided into grounds aping workers and landscaping workers. They perform different duties still they overlap. Some grounds maintenance workers are tree trimmers and pesticide handlers.

The job of landscaping workers is to install plants into landscaped areas and maintain them. They may edge, mow, trim, de-thatch, fertilize, mulch lawns, water, and grounds a number of times when it is growing season. These workers grade properly by smoothing or creating inclines and hills. They install sprinkler or lighting systems, build terraces, buildings, decks, patios, and fountains.

Landscaping workers plant and transport new vegetation, mulch, transplant, water existing plants, and fertilize shrubs and trees. An increasing number of commercial and residential clients such as managers of shopping malls, buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, motels, and hotels prefer landscape maintenance.

Ground keeping workers are also known as groundskeepers. Generally, they lay emphasis upon maintaining existing grounds. They may work on golf courses, athletic fields, university campuses, cemeteries, and parks. Besides caring for plants, sod, and trees, they mulch and rake leaves. These workers employ irrigation methods to regulate water consumption and prevent waste. They clear snow from parking lots and walkways. Ground keeping workers oversee the repair of sidewalks, proper maintenance, parking lots, pools, and ground keeping equipment, fences, fountains, benches, and planters.

Ground-keeping workers who are caring for athletic field keep artificial and natural turf in top condition, paint turf with names and team logos before events, and mark out boundaries. They ought to ensure that the natural turf has the requisite composition to allow appropriate drainage. Grass keeping workers water, mow, aerate, and fertilize the field everyday. In sports venues, they disinfect synthetic turf and vacuum after its use. They execute these tasks in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. These workers remove and the turf and replace the cushioning pad periodically.

Ground keepers who serve in recreation facilities and parks care for trees, lawns, and shrubs. They maintain playgrounds; keep parking lots, clean buildings, picnic areas, and other public places. These workers may dismantle and erect snow fences and maintain swimming pools. They examine equipment and buildings and make required repairs.

The work of green keepers is to maintain golf courses. A green keeper executes many of the same things as the ground keepers. Occasionally, they move the holes on putting greens in order to avoid uneven wear of the turf. Green keepers, also keep benches, canopies, ball washers, and tee makers that are freshly painted. Some of the ground keepers specialize in caring for memorial gardens and cemeteries. Their part of work is to dig grave to specified depths using a backhoe. They apply fertilizers, mow grass everyday, apply chemicals, prune shrubs and trees, remove debris from graves, and plant flowers.

Workers who serve at chemical lawn service firms are more specialized. They evaluate lawns for problems and apply pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals to control or prevent weeds and stimulate growth, control insect infestation or diseases. Some of the workers practice integrated pest management techniques.

Pruners and tree trimmers cut away excess or dead branches from shrubs or trees to clear sidewalks, roads, or utilities' equipment to improve the value, appearance, and health of trees. Many workers specialize in trimming, pruning, and shaping shrubs or ornamental trees for golf courses, private residences, and other institutional grounds. Pruners and tree trimmers use pole saws, hand saws, clippers, and shears.

Work Environment

Some of the ground maintenance jobs are seasonal. They are available chiefly in the summer, spring, and fall when most mowing, trimming, planting, and cleanup are necessary. Most of the work is executed outdoors in all type of weather. It may be physically demanding and sometimes repetitive. The work may involve constant lifting, bending, and shoveling. Workers in ground keeping and landscaping might be under pressure to get the work done, especially, they prepare for planned events like athletic competitions.

Training and Educational Qualification
Grounds maintenance workers are taught on-the-job. They are given special training with the intention of enhancing their skills required to perform the tasks. Upon completing the training, work performs the given tasks perfectly.

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