Food Preparation and Serving Career

The emergence of lodging and hotel business has given extensive scope to food preparation and serving related occupations. The work of cooks, chefs, and food preparation workers is to prepare foods and serve them to the customers. These workers prepare a wide range of foods from snacks, salads, and soups to side dishes, and desserts.

Food preparation and serving career is one of the best job options for those who wish to make their career in food services. Food preparation workers peel and cut vegetables, prepare poultry, trim meat, and execute other tasks such as monitor temperature of ovens and keep workplace clean. Food preparation workers execute routine tasks under the close direction of cooks and chefs. These workers prepare ingredients for various dishes by composing cold items and salad and dicing vegetables.

A food preparation and serving worker who is good at cooking a variety of foods may get good opportunity at larger restaurants and food services establishments. The staff of these food services establishments may include many cooks and chefs. There are several restaurant and institutional kitchens have convenient work areas, modern equipment, and air conditioning. Sometimes, food preparation workers have to work under pressure to prepare meal quickly. Food preparation occupation requires workers to communicate clearly so that orders are completed perfectly.

Employment opportunities for cooks, chefs, and food preparation workers are predicted to be overflowing because of the sustained expansion and growth of food services outlets. Employment in the field of food preparation occupation is projected to grow rapidly in near future. The skilled professionals in this realm may grab a good opportunity in food service establishments such as full-service restaurants, grocery stores, and limited-service eating places.

In food preparation and serving career, workers may have to deal with beverage serving. These workers are the front line of customer service in food service establishments such as coffee shops and restaurants. Their work is to greet customers, guide them to seat, hand them menus, serve food and beverages, and take drink and food orders.

There is no specific educational requirement to get into food and beverages service occupations. However, many employers prefer candidates with a high school diploma. Beverage and food preparation workers derive their earnings from a fine blending of customer tips and hourly wages. Earnings may vary significantly depending upon the type of work and job establishment. For instance, a fast-food worker, hosts, and hostesses generally do not receive tips.

The popularity of dining out is predicted to increase as the populace expands and consumers look for the convenience of restaurants and other dining options. Employment of combined food preparation workers and serving workers is projected to increase faster than the other occupations.

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