Career in Marketing Management

Marketing plays a vital role in every possible area of the industry. In simple terms, marketing management means to ensure customer's needs are fulfilled while maximizing the profit of a company. The responsibilities of marketing managers may vary extremely; however, customer's need and company's profit would be the central purpose.

Marketing manager's duty and tasks may depend upon the industry sector, company size and structure.

A marketing manager deals with many aspects of marketing comprising of

The growth of marketing manager is based on his/her working experience. Marketing managers having experience as an assistant, executive or any specialist role like brand or advertising manager will have excellent future. Employers recruit candidates who have completed graduation. However, candidates specialized in marketing will be preferred. A marketing manager must:

Institutes offering marketing as specialization equip students with hands-on training. This training facilitates candidates to get accustomed to the work culture. Most of management institutes offer good course that is well built and tailored to keep in mind requirements of the industry. Candidates should choose the institute that offers internship and other allied extensive exercises. Training, internship, workshop and seminars help students to hone skills required for the industry.

A successful marketing manager may be promoted as marketing director, senior marketing director or managing director. He/she may work at national and international level. They may travel overseas to manage business successfully.

The responsibility of a marketing manager is to develop marketing strategy thoroughly. With the help of staff members comprising of market research mangers and product development managers, he/she estimates the demand for services and products offered by the organization and competitors. A marketing manager identifies prospective markets such as wholesalers, government, business firms, retailers, public, etc.

A marketing manger implements various strategies to business as to maximize profit to the company. He/she has to keep in mind that customer should get satisfied by utilizing products/services. A marketing manager has to interact with product development managers, sales managers and other managers to work together to increase productivity. The marketing manager works with promotion managers and advertising managers promote company's products/services and attract end customers to use it. The responsibilities of a marketing manager are to:


Marketing management is a multi-disciplined occupation, with many elements of advertising, branding, communications, public relations, research, direct marketing, etc. It encompasses working alongside many people such as design team, copywriters, external agencies and other departments.

How to Get in
Every company employs marketing managers comprising retailers, manufacturers, financial institutions, public sector, service providers, IT companies and charities. There are an increasing number of job opportunities available across the world. Candidates who possess marketing skills are in great demand. They are recruited at prominent organizations.

Candidates who completed specialization in marketing get employment easily with good pay scale. There are various companies which advertise employment news in leading national newspapers and marketing press. Candidates are also recruited in the job fair and campus interview organized by many institutions. To get good job, students should possess the followings:

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