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Management in all fields of business and organizational activities are the process of getting people together to achieve targeted goals and objectives. Management is a broad term that incorporates a number of activities comprising of leading, staffing, planning, directing, organizing, etc.

Candidates who wish to get into management, business, and financial occupations; they have a number of job options such as education administration, financial managers, food service managers, lodging managers, cost estimators, financial analysts, loan officers, etc. These people carry out a variety of responsibilities to achieve established objectives and goals.

The work of an educational administrator is to direct everyday activities and provide instructional leadership in schools, colleges, and universities. The education administrator direct educational programs of correctional institutions, businesses, job training, museums, and community service organizations.

The primary work of an educational administrator is to establish educational standards and goals. They also need to set procedures and policies required to achieve them. Education administrators examine students' educational progress, develop academic programs, motivate and train teachers' staff, administer record keeping, manage student services, manage career counseling, and perform other duties.

The responsibilities of a financial manager are to direct investments, supervise the preparation of financial reports, and implement various strategies related to cash management. These managers prepare financial reports such as balance sheets, income statements, analysis of future expenses, etc. They prepare company's budgets with the intention of achieving established objectives and goals.

The other work of a financial manager is to manage associated risks, supervise the investment of funds, and decide credit ceiling. An insurance manager supervises programs to minimize losses and risks that are likely to arise from business operations and financial transactions.

A food service manager is accountable for the everyday operations of restaurants. They also relate to prepare and serve beverages and meals to customers. Food service managers coordinate the activities like banquet, dining room, and kitchen. They ensure that customers are satisfied with their products and services. The work of a lodging manager is to ensure the conveniences provided to the customer. These managers work in traditional motels and hotels.

Cost estimators collect and evaluate the data on various factors, which affect costs such as location, labor, machinery requirements, duration of project, computer software and hardware. The job responsibilities of cost estimators vary significantly depending upon the size and type of the project.

A cost estimator collects the information on drainage and surface topography, access to the site, and the availability of water, electricity, and other services. The major part of their work is to record the information that may go in the final project estimate.

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