Career Options in Media

Media careers refer to the careers related with the Mass Media. The literal meaning of Media can be stated as the means of communication. Television, filmmaking, radio, interpretation, translation are the various forms through which the information can be exchanged and spread from the source to the mass.

Media careers thus, include the career pursued in such fields. Both freelancing and regular jobs can be opted in this field. The wages are higher for the deserving and skilled candidates.

Work Features in Media Careers:

The tasks or the work features in the media careers vary from one occupation to the other. If the aspirant gets employment in the television industry, he or she can become a reporter, journalist, news analyst, anchor, producer, director etc.

Similarly, a career as broadcaster, radio jockey, newsreader, sound technicians can be opted if the candidate enters the radio industry.

In this way, the job tasks differ from one filed to another.

Qualifications Required

Other necessary Skills

Media careers require other qualities for a successful and steady employment. These are:

Place of Work

Job Opportunities

The job opportunities in media careers are numerous:


The experienced professionals earn the maximum wages in media careers. Those with practical training and good portfolios invite better opportunities. The higher the experience and qualifications, the higher the remuneration. To know about salaries being offered to art directors in America, click Art Director Salary in States.

Job Progress

The experienced candidates can elevate their positions and wages in the same or related occupation. They can turn into Art directors, Supervisors, Managers and advisors. They can even reach up to the level of trainers and faculties. Media careers offer good scope of advancements.

Employment Forecast

With the growing technology and sophistication, the media industry foresees a bright scope and returns. However, with the growth in employment in media careers, the competition is also expected to grow stringent. Therefore, the candidates must acquire more and more qualifications, training and experience in order to achieve a steady, stable and a thriving career.

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