Personal Care and Service Careers

Personal Care and Service Careers comprise a number of professions such as animal care and service workers, barbers, cosmetologist, and other personal appearance workers like child care workers, fitness workers, flight attendants, gaming services occupations, personal and home care aides, and recreation workers.

Personal Care and Service Careers play a vital role in people lives. The job of animal care and service workers is to feed, train, groom, water, bathe, and clean animals. They observe behavioral changes that may denote injury or illness. Pet stores, boarding kennels, veterinary clinics and hospitals, animal shelters, stables, natural habitats, aquariums, zoological parks, and laboratories house animals and hire animal care and service workers.

Personal Care and Service Careers may include groomers and animal caretakers. They specialize in maintaining pets' appearance. Many groomers serve in animal shelters, veterinary clinics, kennels, and pet-supply stores. Some groomers start their own grooming business. The work of groomers is to maintain a clean environment for the animals and wash and clean equipment to avoid the spread of disease.

Personal Care and Service Careers also involve fitness workers. A fitness worker may instruct, lead, and motivate individuals and groups in various exercise activities. These activities may comprise stretching, strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Fitness workers in smaller establishments may perform various functions such as signing up new members, tending the front desk, writing newsletter articles, giving tours of the fitness center, etc.

Many fitness workers spend the ample amount of time indoors at health clubs and fitness centers. However, fitness supervisors and directors spend their time in the office. Fitness workers have to work on weekends, nights, and even occasional holidays. Some fitness workers may need to travel from one place to another throughout the day to different clients' homes and gyms.

Personal care and service occupations may include child care. The job of child care workers is to nurture and care for children. Their work is to oversee older children before and after school. Sometimes, the child care work may be monotonous but new activities mark each day. Child care may be physically and emotionally strenuous as workers need to walk, stand, lift, and stoop to attend each child's problem.

Personal care and service occupations incorporate flight attendants. The work of flight attendants is providing safety and security to the traveling public. Their job is to make sure that safety and security regulations are followed strictly. They endeavor to make flight pleasing and comfortable for passengers. Personal care and service occupations offer individuals a spectrum of jobs, which provide them work satisfaction with good pay.

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