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Career in Physical Science is one of the very interesting and challenging careers. Science is of different types: the �pure science' and the �applied science'. The pure science describes a fact, while the applied science tells about the usage of the fact. To use the facts effectively, many experiments have to be performed.

The pure science is basically divided into three categories:

All the above categories are interrelated. There are many different fields in Career in Physical Science also, for instance physics, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, mechanics and kinetics.

Career in Physical Science has a lot of work to be performed. Some popular tasks are as follows:

Educational Qualification:
The Career in Physical Science is very unique but the education is simple. The person should have higher grades. They belong to the set of highly intellectual persons. They have to be very precise in everything they do. The degrees to be acquired are:

Only few universities provide the specific degrees. But the person can go from simple fields of Sciences also. His command over the subjects (any from mathematics, physics, chemistry, electronics etc.) must be excellent.

Other Necessary Skills:
Apart from higher grades, intellectual power some extra abilities are also needed. Some personal skills to pursue Career in Physical Science are:

Place of Work:
The place of work for Career in Physical Science is generally the laboratories. The big organizations generally have department of scientific research and development. The person pursuing this career has to stick themselves to the experiment places. The organizations that have these kinds of laboratories follow strict rules. A person can not be self-employed in this career. Sometimes, they work on fields if the experiment has to be performed outdoor. They generally work in team as they have to deal with highly reactive chemicals.

Job Opportunities:
Career in Physical Science has very good opportunities to work. The opportunities increase for the scientists who are competent in more fields. This helps the person to correlate the different points accurately. By having detailed knowledge about the subject, the scientist can predict the outcomes easily. Generally, the scientists work on a thesis for several years. Only after doing all the experiments related to the advantages and disadvantages, they put a fact or conclusion. The career is excellent, as a scientist can go in any field of experiment. The field can be light, chemical, atoms and nucleus etc. Since the organizations take all the preventive care so, the work area is safe. They even have the disaster management team, loaded with all the necessary equipments.

Career in Physical Science is a very diverse field. Most of the organizations that have these departments are either government or semi-government organizations. The salary structure is thus excellent when compared to the other fields. The non-government organizations generally offer more lucrative salary then the government organizations. Apart from the salary the extra perks are also offered by some organizations. Many organizations also reward their employees, on the successful completion of the experiment. The organizations have several appraisal cycles also. Hence, the salary is always revising.

Job Progress:
Career in Physical Science has plenty of ways to progress. The area is very diverse; so many jobs are available in this field. The career can be started as Assistant Physical Scientist, for which the person should have basic graduation plus good aptitude. Later the career can grow by acquiring the post of senior scientist. The person can also go in the technical field. For them, the starting post could be �technical assistant'. Then they can go for technical officer designation, and finally can attain the post of Quality Manager. After acquiring the higher post in Department level one can even be in management also. Hence, the job progress is aspiring, provided the person should work hard.

Employment Forecast:
Nowadays, many experiments have been carried out for the betterment of future. As several organizations are researching on many different points, so the Career in Physical Science is bright. The person who wants to pursue this field has to be very sharp, intelligent and updated. Since the experiments are done in the favor of humans, so the field is very challenging and interesting.

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