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Telecommunications industry was associated with only telephone in the past. However, now days telephone is no more the immaculate icon of this industry. Telecommunication industry has become more technologically advanced and mobile. Telecommunication industry covers various sectors including broadband for internet access, wireless communication, digital TV and cable along with old fashioned landline phone service.

These varying forms of modern communication aren’t even distinct services anymore. The lines have blurred considerably, so while your cell phone downloads the latest music video, you can call your best friend across the country (sans long distance charges) with a PC and an Internet connection. Due to this growing interrelation among telecom products, the sector’s main players have spread their reach into Internet and digital television to offer bundled “triple-play” phone, Internet and cable TV subscription packages to customers.

According to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), in the U.S., total telecom spending rose more than 8 percent during 2007 (to about $1 trillion), and the global telecom market is expected to reach $4.9 trillion by 2011. Much of this growth comes thanks to the ascendancy of the Internet and the accompanying need for high-speed connections. Big Telecom (namely, the three largest telecommunications firms: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Nextel) holds the trump card with its control of the fiber-optic network that brings broadband and other services into millions of homes.

Telecommunication industry also comprises cable companies, network and mobile equipment manufacturers and also local telephone service providers. However, these firms don’t play any significant role in sharing data electronically. Industries like Loral Space & Communication are involved in making the satellites which are used in military communications and also radio and TV signal broadcasting.

After the Telecommunication act in 1996, competition has increased especially when telecom industry entered in the cable business which gave momentum the industry. However, in last few years, it has become horrible as each company interfere in the products range of other companies. As technology is advanced today, the cables and signals which bring you phone service can also provide you cable TV or Internet.

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