Employee Relations Resume

Employee Relations Resume Tips

Your employee relations resume should be a written document that provides evidence of you being a good employee relations executive. In addition, any 'real world' experience with employee may be good to mention.

If you are beginning as an employee relations executive, your resume should not be more than one page.

Four required elements

  1. Identification : Include your name, address, phone and e-mail address. Your name should be in the biggest print on the page, three or four sizes bigger than the other print.
  2. Certification : List your certifications and endorsements, if any.
  3. Employee Relations Experience : Use the list of action verbs located on the left of this page to describe your experiences. Elaborate your management skills/strategies and the employee relations methods that you use.
  4. Related Experience : This is where you list paid or unpaid work which gave you experiences be an employee relations executive.

Other Optional Elements

The rest of your resume can include any of the following elements. Again, choose those which sell you as an employee relations executive the best.

  1. Work experience not related to employee relations, science or math : This element is optional because your employee relations experience is what interests the recruiters. List these jobs in reverse chronological order.
  2. Career Objective : This is a statement of what kind of job you're seeking. Example: To obtain a Math position in a secondary school with the opportunity to coach softball, track or swimming.
  3. Honors and Activities : If you have some impressive honors (Dean's list, Phi Delta Kappa, any scholarships or achievement awards), or activities which relate to employee relations, you can list them.
  4. Special Skills : Fluency or proficiency in foreign languages, use of calculators or mathematics software etc.
  5. Professional Preparation/Development : Special workshops, seminars etc. you've attended.
  6. Professional Memberships : List those professional associations to which you belong. Include any leadership positions or committee memberships.
Consider the following when you are preparing your resume : Common buzz words to look for, include :

Listed below are the sample employee relations resumes. You can choose any one of these sample employee relations resume template for your use.

  1. Sample Employee Relation Resume 1
  2. Sample Employee Relation Manager Resume
  3. Sample Employment Specialist Resume
  4. Sample Human Resource Assistant
  5. Sample Payroll Coordinator Resume
  6. Sample Sales Employee Relation Resume
  7. Payroll Supervisor Resume
  8. Payroll Coordinator Resume
  9. Front Office Coordinator Resume

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Remember, your resume will only get a few seconds attention, at best! You have to generate interest right away, in the first sentence they lay their eyes on. Having an objective statement that really sizzles is highly effective.

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