Environmental Advisor Resume

Environmental advisors are hired or consulted by companies to ensure projects do not harm the environment and all the norms and conditions are duly met. They offer their guidance and suggestions to the management and clients in handling minor and major environmental issues. The advisors visit the project site, examine environment impact of the proposed project plans, and ensure that environmental impact is zero.

When reading a resume for an environment advisor position, companies want to see good communication and business skills. They want to be sure that the candidate in the resume is capable of completing projects in time, and is knowledgeable of laws and regulations related to the environment.

Environmental Advisor Resume Example

Adan B. Thornburg
1001 Carriage Lane
Marshalls Creek, PA 18335
Phone: 570-223-5337
Email: abthornburg@example.com

Career Objective:

To acquire the position of an environmental advisor and utilize my knowledge and expertise in environment science to support organizations carry out environment friendly activities.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Environmental Advisor
Galaxy Company, Marshalls Creek, PA
October 2014 - Present

Environmental Advisor
Greenwood Society, Inc., Marshalls Creek, PA
August 2012 - September 2014



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