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An advisor shares knowledge with clients on various issues. He may be expert in any one particular field of his interest. His opinion and advise help individuals and companies to adapt policies that can change their lives and business. Advisors are needed in almost every field. They can be approached while making a career change, starting a business, investing in a scheme, seeking legal advice, improving health and beauty, etc. Usually, a bachelor's degree is the needed qualification for this position. However, many companies prefer the candidate to hold a master's degree, especially, for the position of financial advisor. Besides, the applicant must also be ready with an advisor resume to compete for the job.

Though an advisor can work in a different field, there is no change in the resume format. The widely used format for all fields is the reverse chronological order. This style of resume writing is easily available on the internet and is ready to download. Once you are ready to work on the downloaded format, the contents you will be adding should not match with it. The use of words and the way you are expressing your skills and experience should be your own. This is necessary because the employer can point out from where you have copied those words.

Regardless of the field, the advisor resume must summarize your education and experience in a precise manner. If you are applying for a financial advisor position, you must highlight your mathematical, accounting, economics and analytical skills. The experience section must speak out the volume of project you have worked in. Adding figures and numbers that are genuine is necessary to grab hirers' attention. Further, experience in accounting, sales, auditing, etc. can work in getting selected for an interview.

Since advisors work with individual and a group of individuals, they must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Without these two skills, you will not be able to offer advise or explain the intensity of the situation to clients. Also, for collecting facts and figure, you have to deal with people from various departments. If you are good in interacting with people, your work will be easy. Therefore, ensure that the advisor resume contains these two important skills.

Sample Resumes

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