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An advisor shares knowledge with clients on various issues. He is an expert in his chosen field of interest. His opinion and advise help individuals and companies to adopt policies that can change their lives and business. Advisors are needed in almost every field from manufacturing to, IT, retail, finance, health and fitness, etc. They can be approached while making a career change, starting a business, investing in a scheme, seeking legal advice, improving health and beauty, etc. Usually, a bachelor's degree is the needed qualification for this position. However, many companies prefer the candidate to hold a master's degree, especially, for the position of a financial advisor. Besides, the applicant must also be ready with an advisor resume to compete for the job.

Advisor Resume Formats

Though an advisor can work in different fields depending on his education and skills, there is no change in the resume format. The widely used format for all fields is the reverse chronological order. This style of resume writing is easily available on the internet and is ready to download. But just use the format and not the content regardless of it being similar or dissimilar to your profile. The use of words and the way you are expressing your skills and experience should be your own. This is necessary because the employer can point out from where you have copied those words.

Specify Relevant Skills

Regardless of the field, the advisor resume must summarize your education and experience in a precise manner. If you are applying for a financial advisor position, you must highlight your mathematics, accounting, economics and analytical skills. The experience section must speak out the volume of project you have worked on. Adding figures and numbers that are genuine is necessary to grab hirers' attention. Further, experience in accounting, sales, auditing, etc. can work in getting selected for an interview. Also mention how your skills helped clients or your employers improve business. When describing, quantity the results so that it can connect with what the recruiters are looking for.

Highlight Soft Skills

Since advisors work with individual and a group of individuals, they must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Without these two skills, you will not be able to offer advice or explain the intensity of the situations to the clients. Also, for collecting facts and figure, you have to deal with people from various departments. If you are good at interacting with people, your work will be easy. Therefore, ensure that the advisor resume contains these two important skills.

Professional Summary

This is the introduction section using which you can summarize everything that you have learned during your career span. But be sure not to exaggerate it and be honest. Also, only include those things that are relevant for the current job. Let's say you are applying for a financial advisor position and have work experience of over 5 years. In that a situation, your professional summary should read like this:

A professional financial advisor experienced in helping big corporation manage and invest their finances to reap multiple benefits. Proficient in managing electronic records and develop customized financial models for short-term and long-term goals. Ability to evaluate and capitalize on business and investment opportunity. Familiar with the current market trends and expertise in forecasting future growth and recommending changes in strategies for efficient finance management.

Job Objective

If you are in the finance field for just a couple of years or just passed out with a degree, or have completed an internship program, then introduce yourself with a 'Job Objective.' This section is to clarify your intent of applying for the job, including specifying which job, your aim for working with the company, and why the company should hire you. For this last point, you need to mention the contributions you can make for the company, whether it is creating a robust financial model, reducing costs of operations, or enhancing finance operations. Follow this example to draft your resume objective.

A hard-working, dependable, and diligent Certified Financial Advisor with 2.5 years of experience, including 8 months of internship program with a leading pharmaceutical company, seeks the opportunity to work with ABC Company as a Financial Advisor and help the management in developing efficient financial models, and improve overall operations.

Professional History

This is the work experience section where you need to specify what and how you did the job and how that affected the growth and revenue of the employers and clients. Since finance is all about money, it's better to quantify the results of your hard work in this section. For this, state in figures and number by how many percent did you manage to grow the profit for the employers and clients, or what percentage of money did you save by reducing cost of operations, etc. Each detail of the professional history must look like this:

Financial Advisor
Nuclear Company, Chicago, WI
July 2017-Present

We wish to assist all job seekers aiming a career as an advisor by providing free advisor resume samples for an easy resume writing process. Aspirants are free to go through the samples provided in this section and choose the ones most suitable for their career. These samples describe the job position briefly at the very beginning, followed by a sample resume which will help you identify the position and analyze whether it suits you or not. Further, the resume templates presented below will guide you on designing your profile in a professional manner and present important career details such as, key skills, qualifications and work experiences details in an attractive manner. Read the content carefully to understand the language and tone one needs to use in his or her advisor resume.

Sample Resumes

Checkout our sample advisor resumes below :

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