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An associate dean works in a college, private or charter school and coordinates the implementation of the academic programs. She handles more than one departments and act as a leader. Her role includes taking care of resource allocations, evaluation and improvement of academic programs, achieving the academic mission of the facility, working closely with the dean and monitoring work of faculty, and representing the facility in social and sports events on national and international levels.

If you are applying to a university for an associate dean position, you have to show four major skills. They are academic leadership, faculty development, college representation, and evaluation of academic programs. Further, impress the recruiters by including teaching skills, collaborating with faculty and staff in improving training programs, and recruiting individuals for teaching position.

While drafting a resume, the candidate must be aware of the format, important sections, and the content to be included in their resume. The personal information, career objective, educational qualification, key skills, and experience sections are some of the mandatory fields to be included in the resume. Effective drafting of these sections creates a positive impression on the employer and increases your chances of getting selected. The below drafted sample of an associate dean resume will guide you in drafting your own resume.

Associate Dean Resume Sample

George S. Gains
1767 Arron Smith drive
Honolulu, HL 96813
Contact: 808-524-9280

Career Objective:

To work as an associate dean in a state university and apply my academic leadership qualities in managing faculty and improving standards of education by implementing strategic planning.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Associate Dean
Lawson College, Honolulu, HL
October 2012 - Present

Associate Dean
M&J Community College, Honolulu, HL
January 2010 - September 2012



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