Certified Auditor Resume

A certified auditor can work as an internal or external auditor with a public or private company. He/she also has the choice of working with an auditing firm. In all the job employment, the person's duties and responsibilities will have no difference. The auditor's role will be to examine and validate all the business transaction records. He/she also needs to provide recommendation to the management on how to improvise the accounting system and control company's finances.

A degree in accounting with a certification is required qualification for the job. In addition, experience of evaluating financial, accounting, and other records are also vital. If education and experience are with you, it is also important to display them professionally on a job application. This sample will help how to do it.

Certified Auditor Resume Example

Dean D. Carlson
1816 Blane Street
Saint Louis, MO 63101
Phone: 314-601-7597
Email: ddcarlson@anymail.com

Career Objective:

To hold a certified auditor position at "Hilton Hotels & Restaurants," and contribute my skills and experience in evaluating financial records and perform regular compliance audits.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Certified Auditor
Luke Auditing Company, Saint Louis, MO
June 2013 - Present

Certified Auditor
Trenchant Audit Services, Saint Louis, MO
February 2012 - May 2013



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