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As an experienced auditor, you may be good at inspecting or examining a process, situation, financial status, quality of food, strength and security of an infrastructure, or an impact of pollution on the environment. But when displaying how good you're for the job through a resume, you tend to falter. This problem is the same with hundreds of auditor regardless of their areas of specialty. After all, writing a resume that can demonstrate how good one is not that easy. To make it simple for you, we're presenting some tips to write your auditor resume. These tips can be used to write the resume for the auditor position for any industry.

Components of Auditor Resume

There are four main components that make an auditor resume complete and readable. These parts or sections are vital to convey job-related skills, experience, education, and a summary statement. Each of them has a specific use and importance since it helps the recruiters in assessing the applicant. Therefore, when drafting the resume, ensure it has these four components:

Note: We haven't included personal details since you're already aware that they are necessary and need to be presented at the start of the resume. The necessity of personal details that include full name of the applicant along with current residential address, phone number, and a valid email ID provides an identity to the document.

Let's look at each of the components and the way to write them.

Professional Summary

This statement comes right after the personal details and as such is the first thing the hiring managers read. So it is crucial to hook the readers with an impressive statement. As clear from the headings, the statement needs to provide a brief idea about your skills, talent,and achievements. If the statement is interesting and engaging, the possibility of the entire resume being read by the readers increases. Simply put, it's has to prove why you alone can handle the job responsibilities and do justice to the job.

Start the summary statement by stating the years of experience in a number. Then give a brief detail about your skills, talent, and significant achievements. It will be much worth if the achievements are quantified. Include the specialization in audit you hold. This will make the readers easy to assess you and correlate with the job.

Let's say you're an experienced auditor and applying to an accounting firm. In that case, the summary statement must have the following:

Diligent and professional auditor with 8+ years of experience in examining financial statement and ensuring compliance with business and taxation rules. Proficient in auditing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, financial activities, identifying fraud, mismanagement, and removing risk associated with business operations. Strong analytical, and problem-solving skills and expertise in planning and conducting complex audit assignments for clients.

If experience is what you're lacking due to being a fresh graduate, then use 'objective' instead of the summary. Show your passion for the auditing job in the objective statement, including eagerness to learn and abilities to grasp skills and experience fast. In case, you have completed an internship or have volunteered to work just to collect experience, specify it. Just remember, the objective needs to be impressive with whatever you have in terms of skills and experience.

Seeking an internal auditor position with your esteemed organization in order to utilize my 2+ years of internship experience and accounting skills to audit financial activities and initiate processes that can help in reducing overheads.


Writing the skills section should be easy as companies mention the required skills in the job description. Just ensure to include them according to the order of importance. Basically, this section needs to combine hard and soft skills. The reason for this is to show how you can perform the job as well as help others in completing certain tasks. Generally, employers seek for these skills:

Work Experience

For the experience section, don't just say or show what you did by including managed, sorted, audited, streamlined certain processes, etc. Rather, include the impact or result of your work in numbers. Make each of the result count with an example and by using bullet points. Bulleted lists for accomplishments are the best way to make them readable and entice the readers. Just like the skills section, the details of work experience need to appear according to the order of importance. Doing so will show the hiring managers that you're also skilled in logic.

Besides being logical, it's equally important to know which work experience to include first. Since recruiters are keen to know about your latest or current work experience, describe it in a chronological order. This will help you in stating the most recent job details and then continue with the next one. Also, include only those details the recruiters want to see. So discard unimportant things to minimize the length of your auditor resume, and save the readers' time.

One thing that is important is to make your accomplishments stand out is the use of action verbs that can add some weight to your auditor resume such as:

Use these action verbs with an example and describe the results in numbers.


Whether you're applying for an internal or external auditor, or a medical, food, insurance, or environment auditor job, the details of education will vary. Nevertheless, you have to provide details about the required formal education for the job, which in most cases is a bachelor's degree in the relevant field. If there are any certification programs mandatory for procuring a license to pursue the occupation, include it.

Remember, the hiring managers read hundreds of resumes daily. This makes choosing one a tough task for them. But if your auditor resume is able to present the job traits in an impressive manner, they will definitely call you for an interview.

Here are a number of links for auditor resume samples written for different types of industries. We are sure you can find at least one similar to your job profile. Feel free to copy and modify the one suitable to you.

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