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An auditor is an expert in the field of accounting and financial auditing. He has an expert knowledge about the accounting standards and principles that help draft and inspect the financial records accurately. Hence, he is given the responsibility to analyze all the financial statements and authorize them as authentic and legal. His duty is to review company's financial records such as receipts, taxes, and purchase orders and ensure they confer to the regulations set by the state and local authorities.

To become an auditor, one needs to complete a typical procedure of studies, training and examinations set by the CPA laws governed by the state. Only a certified and licensed candidate is allowed to audit and authorize the accounts.

There are two types of auditors:

The responsibilities of internal and external auditors are almost same. The difference lies in the nature of employment and the authority granted to them.

To get a position as an auditor, one should have at least a bachelor's degree with specialization in accounting. It is mandatory to pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and attain the requisite knowledge and experience to earn the authority to audit accounts and declare them as true and legal. However, the rules regarding licenses and certifications tend to vary with the state and country of your practice.

The auditors get employment in public, private and government organizations. They are free to work independently or take up a full-time job with an organization. It is preferred to gather some experience in general accounting before specializing in auditing. Often, auditors have to travel and do most of their work in the offices of their clients, in banks or other financial organizations. Auditors can find out job vacancies from the job portals, accounting firms, or from classified advertisements in newspapers.

To apply for the position of an auditor, one requires an effective resume. It is vital to specify the career highlights to gain attention from recruiters. Attention to detail must be given right from selecting the format. A standard resume format will let you add personal details at the top. With this personal information, employers can know who is the sender and where to contact him.

After personal information, comes the job objective. By writing this, you straightway informs the employer that what you can do for the company and how you will succeed in the job. Try to be as clear as possible with this statement. Your education and work experience follows next. For both these sections, start with the latest details. This means your latest degree and work employment should come first. The first education and job will be the last.

Next, mention any special training or certification you have obtained related to your profession. Also, feel proud to add any award or appreciation you earned in your career. Such information can easily influence the employer and you may received consideration.

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