Airline Nurse Resume

An airline nurse of flight nurse is a highly trained registered nurse. There are a large number of employers that require airline nurses. Flight nurses or airline nurses work in teams and are responsible to offer emergency help at the time of any disaster like earthquake, accidents etc. Flight nurses are trained to perform emergency minor surgical procedures also along with the regular nursing jobs. They can assist a surgeon and can prescribe medications when necessary.

To become a flight nurse one need to obtain a registered nursing license. Experience of around 3 - 5 years in an ICU, CCU is required too. Apart from the educational qualifications a airline nurse should be physically, socially, mentally and emotionally fit.

Before you apply for a job of an airline nurse job, it is necessary to have a good resume with you. Here is given a sample resume of an airline nurse with all the specifications and some tips. Refer this sample to create a resume of your own.

Airline Nurse Resume Example

Samantha Gail
12/34, Cromwell Street,
London- BBDD 1ZZ
Contact: (606) 877-2501

Career Objective:

A certified airline nurse with a Diploma in Flight nursing having a pleasant personality and excellent communication skills expects to work for a reputed airline as an airline nurse.


Work Experience:

ABCD Hospital
Designation: Airline Nurse
May 2011 - Present

Responsibilities Handled:

REST Care Center
Designation: Assistant personal nurse
Oct 2009 - Apr 2011

Responsibilities Handled:

Educational qualifications:


Available upon request.

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