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Nurse is a noble profession. It is characterized by dedication, loyalty, love and compassion towards the patient. Though many of the duties are shared, certain departments like surgery require special skills and qualifications. These depend on the post of nursing. A nurse practitioner for example is a primary care giver and is responsible for medical treatments and providing bed side care.

Nurses are trained according to the department they work in. a baby nurse will be trained in taking care of infants both sick and healthy. A nurse who works in a diabetic department should be trained in checking blood sugar, examining diabetic foot, changing the dressing of the affected area etc.

All the the demand for the skilled nurses has been the result of the ever increasing numbers of the fatal accidents these days. The increasing health awareness and the availability of the medical facilities have increased the scope of the profession of a nurse. To become a nurse one has to complete a bachelor's degree in nursing or to have an associate degree in nursing or to complete a diploma in nursing. There are various registered nursing programs too. All these programs include classroom teaching and practical experiences in hospitals or clinics. Typical subjects in nursing studies include chemistry, nutrition, psychology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, behavioral sciences and nursing. During practical, the nurses are trained and their duties are rotated in various departments like psychiatry, maternity, pediatrics and surgery.

After the completion of education in related field of nursing when you need to apply for a job a resume can be your powerful and impressive tool. This site consists of various Nurse resumes examples. These sample resumes are written on perfect and professional format with some tips on resume writing.

We wish that these sample Nurse resumes will help you in creating an impressive resume of your own.

List of nurse resume examples:

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