Community Nurse Resume

A community nurse is a registered nurse who works with community health district programs. Community health nurses provide health information to schools, churches or other civic organizations. Community nurses often work with under privileged population. One of the main duties of these nurses is to take are that the people get the needed medical facilities.

To become a community nurse one needs to have a licensed practical nursing degree. The duration of this course is 18 months in most of the nursing colleges. Apart from this degree a simple registered nursing degree is also valid. A bachelor of science in nursing can is also considered as eligible to become a community nurse.

Becoming a community nurse is not an easy decision. The job requires lot of dedication and devotion. Mostly, the working conditions are not very good and sometimes the proper equipment are also in scarce. The monitory benefits also are not very good and the overall life style is compromised.

If you are applying for the post of community nurse, no doubt you have the guts and the will power to live in oddities. This decision with previous experiences may be enough to get you the job but if you have an impressive resume with you with all the details you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Here is given a resume sample of a community nurse. This sample is written in a professional format with proper headings. We hope that this example will help you in creating a resume of your own.

Community Nurse Resume Example

John Dresden
12/34, Cromwell Street,
London- BBDD 1ZZ

Career Objective:

A candidate with a Nursing Diploma and in-depth expertise in serving patients with good communication skills seeks to serve as a community nurse in a reputed community center.


Work Experience:

ABCD Community Center
Designation: Community Nurse
Apr 2011 - Present

Responsibilities Handled:

REST Care Center
Designation: Assistant Community Nurse
Jan 2009 - Feb 2011

Responsibilities Handled:

Educational qualifications:


Available upon request.

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