IV Nurse Resume

IV or intravenous line nurses provide nursing care to patients prescribed intravenous treatment by doctors. They administer IV directly into patient's veins and also treat infection if there is any due to the catheter insertion. The most challenging aspect of their job is to find the right vein on the body to insert IVs, mostly which are hidden by the body fats.

As IV therapy is one of the specialized category of treatment, you must have experience in IV procedures with a nursing degree. You can work in hospital and any medical settings as IVs are commonly administered to patients to control certain medical complications.

IV Nurse Resume Example

Lisa Greene
3304 Little Rock Street
Arkansas, AR72201
Mobile: 85766098
Email id: g.lisa@example.com

Career Objective:

To work as an IV nurse and apply my skills in administering chemotherapy and compound medications for killing cancer cells in cancer patients.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

IV Nurse
St. John's Hospital, Arkansas, AR
June 2012 - Present

IV nurse
Hope Medical Center, Arkansas, AR
August 2010 - May 2012



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