Recovery Nurse Resume

Whenever a patient has to undergo surgery, she or he gets concerned about what is going to happen in the operation room. There is always a doubt lingering in their minds whether they will be able to recover completely or not. Such patients have to be comforted and guided through the surgery procedures both before and after. Recovery nurses provide them comfort and guidance pre and post surgery. They can provide care to newborn as well as an elderly patient. They can administer medications, IVs, clean and dress wounds, and watch patients progress.

If you like to observe patients recovering from their problems and guide them through pre and post surgical procedures, you can make a career as a recovery nurse. In case you have already been in this profession and in need of change in employer, look at this sample resume and draft yours.

Recovery Nurse Resume Example

Amber Middleton
24 Whitby Road
Phone: 077 1405 0147

Career Objective:

To obtain a recovery nurse job with a hospital and provide care and comfort to patients belonging to diverse background and age using my nursing skills.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Recovery Nurse
St. Luis Medical Center, DENTON, PE7
August 2012 - Present

Recovery Nurse
RED Health Care Centre, DENTON, PE7
February 2010 - July 2012



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