Surgery Nurse Resume

Surgery nurses are someone who are responsible for emotionally and physically helping the patients during, after and before the surgery. One of the major portions of surgery nurse job comprises of educating the patients about surgery. They also have to ensure that the entire operating room is stocked with proper equipment that will be needed for the surgery.

Before the surgery starts these nurses have to check the vital signs of the patients and during the surgery help the doctor's by assisting with different procedures. Another important job of surgery nurse is monitoring the recovery and allocating proper medication to the patients.

People who wish to become surgery nurses should have completed the bachelor's degree in nursing as well as state-approved certification exam. The essential skills that surgery nurses need to have are a caring, friendly, responsible and sympathetic attitude. Moreover, they should also have exceptionally good ailment analyzing skills. Strong decision-making skills are also required for allotting work to other people working in the hospital.

If you want to apply for the post of surgery nurse then you will have to write a good resume. Here is an example surgery nurse resume; you can change the information as required.

Surgery Nurse Resume Example

Faith Stevens
8475 North Main Street
New York, NY9385
Email id:

Career Objective:

To get a job as a surgery nurse where I can use my years of practice and positively help in increasing the record of accomplishment of the hospital.

Summary of Qualifications:

Work Experience:

Surgical Nurse Resume, June 2012 - Present
Mount Health Care Center, New York, NY


Surgery Nurse Resume, January 2010 - May 2012
Riverdale Medical Institute, New York, NY



Bachelors in Wellness Management and Nursing,
New York University, NY


On request.

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