Mastercam Programmer Resume

Computer skills and manufacturing knowledge when combined together can improve production, achieve efficiency, and cut down energy consumption. Mastercam programmers are those experts who have the skills and knowledge to develop manufacturing software that can make machine parts to work according to the commands. In short, they make computer programs that control machine used for manufacturing products. Therefore, when asking resume for a Mastercam programmer position, employers expect computer and manufacturing background.

Mastercam Programmer Resume Example

James B. Ferguson
4966 Ferrell Street
Drayton, MN 58225
Phone: 218-455-4078

Career Objective:

To combine my computer skills and manufacturing knowledge by working as a Mastercam Programmer, and develop computer-controlled modules to direct lathe machines in cutting and shaping metal according to the specifications.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Mastercam Programmer
TechPro Software Solutions, Drayton, MN
October 2012 - Present

Associate Mastercam Programmer
Blue Star System Softwares, Drayton, MN
March 2010 - September 2012



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