Exemplary Drafted Programmer Resumes Examples

Programmers are the coding brains behind every software or web application that is used today. They are adept in writing outstanding technical reports for clients, but often face issues when it comes to preparing a resume. Resumes are tools that can make or break your entry in an organization you are interested in. It takes just a few seconds for a recruiter to scan a resume, and shortlist eligible candidates. So, this tool is actually your gateway to a new opportunity, and hence, it becomes even more important to understand how to write an appealing document that arouses the interest of the recruiter.

If a software isn't easy to use or a website is difficult to skim through, it immediately looses the target audience. In the same way, recruiters simply discard an application if it is not organized and properly formatted. That's where a reverse-chronological resume format comes handy as it is easily understood by the hiring managers and shows your career trajectory in an order. After all, a resume format with section headers written in bold and other content properly aligned using relevant keywords is always more appealing to the eyes of the reader.

The candidates who are applying for an entry-level role or have recently made a career shift can opt for job objective in the initial section of the document. However, programmers having considerable experience must include career summary below the basic details. To make the introductory paragraph hard-hitting, mention a line or two about project accomplishments, programming languages as well as soft skills, and professional certifications.

While targeting a specific role, customize your skills accordingly. It is not necessary to add a full list of programming languages as it would only increase suspicion and trust issues. So, instead of stretching the truth, write languages you are proficient with and how they are related to the profile you are interested in. Mention skills such as excellent problem-solving approach, flexibility to work overtime under pressure and good in verbal/written communication in your document

Instead of just writing bullet points about past work history, include URL of websites you have assisted to design/ develop. Moreover, providing link to a portfolio where you have stored work samples can assist a recruiter/ interviewer in judging you appropriately. Utilize keywords as ATS round makes use of parser to filter candidates and reduce the applicant pile. Irrespective of the role you are applying for, always focus on quantitative bullet points like outlining the latest framework used in project or scripts written in 'X' days to solve a complicated technical glitch as this would definitely catch the attention of the recruiter.

Whether you are applying for a fresher position or a senior role in the industry, recruiters surely want to know your educational background. Add a separate section at the bottom-most section to highlight academic data. Include the highest degree, university name, and year of completion. Writing accredited professional certificates can make you stand out in competition and help in moving an inch closer to the job you have always desired.

In addition to the above sections, you can include other sections under the heading Special Projects, Internship of Freelance with name of the client and a short description of how your project benefited them. A winning resume is succinct, short, throws light on skills and provides links to demonstrate quality of work. So, even if you are trying to advertise all in minimum words, make sure that your document does not extend beyond 2 pages and is free from grammatical/ syntactical mistakes.

As each programming profile is different, it is necessary to tailor your document according to the role. To assist you in creating an accurate resume, we have provided programmer resume samples for various positions which are given below. We are sure that they will serve as the perfect guideline and also help in drafting a perfect self-marketing tool.

List of programmer resume examples:

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