Rational Functional Tester Resume

Rational Functional is an automated testing tool that is use for automating functional regression testing. A person who performs testing of these tools is known as a rational functional tester. Some of the job description of a rational functional tester includes providing robust testing support for windows form applications, identifying and solving issues between manual and automated testing, recording user interactions, creating test scripts, executing test plans, and documenting test activities. The main goal of a rational functional tester is to ensure that the application development serves the pre-requirement of client requirement.

Rational Functional Tester Resume Example

John T. Marr
2753 Franklee Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19108
Phone: 484-581-7995
Email: jtmarr@freemail.com

Career Objective:

Skilled and experienced technical testing professional with hands-on experience in performing rational functional testing and regression testing tool. Willing to work as a rational functional tester in an organization that provides opportunity for professional growth and development.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Rational Functional Tester
Genius Tech Group, Philadelphia, PA
November 2014 - Present

Junior Rational Functional Tester
BrainTech Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
April 2013 - October 2014



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