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If you intend to work for the Government, you need to have a powerful profile. This also means that you need to draft a strong resume document including your abilities and qualities suitable of working for the Federal government.

One important aspect to remember while drafting your profile document to work for the Government is to not list each and every job you have worked in the past. You need to choose the positions to display perfectly for determining what is relevant to the job you are seeking. You can neglect any short-term associations in terms of jobs done in the past.

One more point you need to know is to not consider the government resume as a storyboard to display your life history. Keep it short and to the point. List your accomplishments and proven skills, abilities and knowledge. Achievements garnered during past jobs are also important; however, they need to be relevant to the position applied for.

Consider the profile document to be a proposal submitted to the Federal government for working with it. It is a document that needs to be carefully matched according to the announced job. If you can spend some time viewing the resume format and samples mentioned below, it can be helpful in your endeavor to draft your profile according to needs.

Focus on the following areas :

Job Objective :

You need to have a clear government job target as you need to prepare a government employee's resume. Create a brief headline that encapsulates your career goal and one or two of your top qualifications.

Summarize :

Summarize your strengths and qualifications at the top half of the first page of the your resume under sections such as, 'Professional Profile' and 'Areas of Expertise'. List keywords that are pertinent to your career choice and include your industry certifications and licenses.

Emphasize your accomplishments :

Government Resumes

Describe your basic job responsibilities, followed by a bulleted list of achievements. Show quantifiable results of your work.


Resume Samples for Government Job Profiles

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