Product Manager Interview Questions

Are you looking for product manager interview questions so that you can practice the answers before attending the selection process? If you are thinking too much about it, let's give you some fresh breath of air. Our tips and sample questionnaire will help you to release your stress and get an idea on the overall process.

Product management deals with the function of planning, developing, maintaining, evaluating, and marketing the product/s of an organization. A product manager is responsible for performing all such activities in order to deliver and release the quality product in the market on time. He/she aids in maximizing the business value and work towards achieving the business goals. A product manager may work in the IT, bank, FMCG, etc., sector. For instance, in the IT sector, he/she should have excellent technical knowledge and skills to develop and maintain the products, thereby spending much of his/her time with the team; while in the bank, they mostly deal with the banking products like credit card, loans, debit card, etc. Whatever is the case, he/she should necessarily be open to suggestion and be creative, have knowledge of latest technologies and trends, have good communication and leadership skills, and have the ability to collaborate and work within cross-functional teams.

Please keep in mind that the questions will differ according to each field of job and responsibilities. In these type of managerial interviews, it is always not about answering correctly, rather more emphasis is given on your attitude and personality.

Sample Questionnaire (with Probable Answers/Tips)

We suggest you to start prepare on these product manager interview questions at least one to two weeks before the actual session. This will not only help you to frame your answer in advance, but will also increase your confidence.

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