Junior Product Manager Resume

A product manager handles the realms of all product development functions of the organization. Hence, this position is regarded as one of the most responsible and decisive positions within the marketing department. If you are keen on applying for this position, then here is junior product manager resume template for you.

A product manager looks after all the product development stages. It includes inception of an idea, designing and development of the physical features of the product, and sale to the end user. Since the sales and profit of an organization are directly dependent upon the product manufactured by the organization, he plays a responsible role in the organization. A product manager performs a variety of functions - research, planning, analysis and management. Every product goes through three stages - launch stage, peak stage and receding stage. A manager ensures that the product brings considerable profits for the organization during all of its stages. The duties performed by the product manager are crucial to the success and goodwill of the organization. A junior manager performs all of these functions but under the guidance of the chief manager.

Junior Product Manager Resume Sample

Amanda Olsen
15, Blooming-dale Street, Plano, TX 47781
699 - 789 - 1230

Career Objective

To take up the challenging role of a junior product manager and gain an opportunity to lead product development tasks and provide valuable inputs to organization's operations. To enhance my management and leadership skills by gaining an experience in managing teams and projects.

Key Skills

Work Experience

Promoted to Junior Product Manager
Miracle Childcare Products Inc., Plano
January 2010 - Till date
Functions and Responsibilities:

Trainee Product Manager
Miracle Childcare Products Inc., Plano
July 2009 - December 2009
Functions and Responsibilities:

Market Analyst
Joyous Toys Manufacturers, Plano
November 2007 - June 2009
Functions and Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications

Extracurricular Activities

Have written articles for websites and newspapers for promoting organization's products. Have written product reviews and blogs for bringing out a comparison between the competing products.


Michelle Green
Chief Product Manager
Miracle Childcare Products Inc., Plano
699 - 151 - 4748

Due to the efforts of a product manager, an organization is able to develop quality products and satisfy the customer needs. Hence, if you want to upgrade your career by handling similar responsibilities but at a junior level, then this junior product manager resume is sure to help you out in this regard.

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