Second Interviews

Gone are the days when companies were satisfied with one meeting with their prospective employee. In today's world, companies design multiple rounds of interviews to filter the best of the applicants. One-to-one interviews, group interviews, panel interviews, aptitude tests, stress evaluation tests etc. commonly feature during recruitment procedures.

Companies conduct several interviews just to make sure who fits the job criteria accurately. Second interviews are one of them.

Purpose of Second Interviews

Second interview is a detailed method to scrutinize job seekers. Those candidates, who have already made through the first interview, are invited to appear for the second round. Many companies streamline a host of activities while interviewing for the second time. They include intensive screenings through various types of tests and interviews.

The main purpose of second interviews is to provide yardsticks to the employers to measure and rate each applicant. It is believed that a combination of myriad tests and interviews tries to bring forward the best candidate. These evaluators are well structured, and are aimed at focusing on different dimensions of the candidates.

Second Interview Process

A well-planned second interview can stretch up to an entire day. Thus, candidates have to prepare themselves in advance for day-long activities. Most companies provide an agenda for the day at the time of scheduling the interview. Companies decide on what kind of second interview they want to conduct. Following are some of the processes that many companies include.

Group/ Panel Interviews are conducted wherein candidates have to face a group of experts during the interview.

One-to-one interviews are more on a personal level, where interviewer will concentrate on bringing up specific details about the candidate.

General meeting with important people of the company aims at educating candidates about the hierarchy of the organization as well as getting them acquainted with their prospective seniors.

Objective tests are included to test the candidates' knowledge on various factors, like technology, awareness, job responsibilities, aptitude etc.

Certain companies may insist on a small Presentation by the candidates on a pre-decided subject.

A Guided Tour of the company premises is also included to familiarize the candidates with the company map.

Applicants should strive to make the most of these opportunities. They should take this chance to display their abilities to perform. This is the place where candidates are supposed to unleash their potentials. Candidates must employ their best efforts to excel at every stage.

A lot of other factors that usually remain undisclosed till this stage will be discussed. For example, comprehensive job detailing - responsibilities, timings, performance reviews, relocations/ transfers, if any, negotiations regarding the pay package, discussions about the perquisites and other facilities, terms and conditions, general company policies etc.

Second interviews are considered to be deciding factors. Hence, immense preparation is expected from both the parties in order to reach an optimum decision.

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