Associate Creative Director Responsibilities

As you become familiar with the associate creative director responsibilities, you will be amazed to know how important this individual is in pursuit for creativity. Leading multiple projects and assisting the creative director through a common vision for creative excellence is the primary responsibility of an associate creative director.

An associate creative director is recruited in advertising agencies, publication house, production house, apparel industries, animation studios, and for many other forms of print and electronic media and in other businesses. An associate creative director is accountable for delivering outstanding results through his understanding and expertise.

An associate creative director working in an advertising agency helps develop and implement creative solutions to promote clients' products or services. He may supervise the work of designers, copywriters, animation artists, and other staff in the creative team. Sometimes he performs these tasks if the concerned person is on leave. He deals with prospective clients and delivers presentations to suggest different advertising strategies that are suitable to the clients brand.

An associate creative director working in a publication house helps the creative director to choose layout, graphics, cover design and other attributes that enhance the appearance of a publication. He coordinates with the graphic designers, editors, and printing staff to see that the final product is appealing for the readers.

A profession wise description of associate creative director responsibilities will help you understand the various roles an associate creative director plays.

Associate Creative Director Responsibilities in Various Field

Advertising Agency

An associate creative director in an advertising agency will not only provide creative inputs for the project but will also be involved in the business development tasks with the marketing department and pitch for new clients. He will help the creative director in market research and choose the most effective medium for a campaign.

Film/Television Production Company

In this industry, the associate creative director is involved in designing the sets and locations to match the script requirements. For example, while shooting a period film or a television series, the characters and locations must resemble the period depicted. Here the associate creative director coordinates with the art department and arranges for props and other requirements that help in achieving the aesthetic requirements.

Apparel Industry

Fashion trends seem to change faster than anything else today. The associate creative director helps the fashion designers to design and develop apparels according to the latest trends in the market. He helps in organizing and conducting fashion shows and launching a new clothesline.

Gaming Industry

In the gaming industry, the associate creative director responsibilities are to brief the project requirements to the designing and development team and supervise all stages of production to ensure that deadlines are met. Game design and development projects consume a lot of time, money and efforts. The associate creative director has to ensure that the projects do not get delayed.

Newspaper/Magazine/Publication House

In the print media, the placement and appearance of the content decides how it will be perceived by the readers. Hence the associate creative director helps in designing an attractive layout that can easily accommodate the content and present it in a pleasing manner. He helps the editors, graphic designers, photographers and other staff to get work done on time.

Skills of an Associate Creative Director

Achieving success in a creative profession is not contributed solely by factual knowledge.

Becoming an Associate Creative Director

Individuals with a degree in fine arts, communication, media production, animation or a related course and an experience of no less than five years are eligible to apply for this position. However, with a relatively lesser experience or qualification but a proven track record of working as an independent artist can help you to apply for this position.

Career Scope

Salary for an associate creative director can range anywhere between $60,000-$1,50,000 depending on where he works and also the projects assigned to him. It would not be very long before you move to higher positions provided that you can impress the management and senior staff through the results you deliver.

It becomes easy to prepare for this job once you are familiar with the skills required to execute the associate creative director responsibilities.

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