Assistant Buyer Job Description

What Does an Assistant Buyer Do ?

An assistant buyer is a person who is hired by all big companies. His main objective is to perform duties related to buying and selling of merchandize to support the buyer. He takes care of all the buying and selling process that takes place in the company. Assistant Buyer takes care that whatever commodities are purchased cater to the needs of the consumer and the profits of the company are maintained. He buys the general merchandize, maintenance items and instructional materials.

The job of an assistant buyer is a high paid job with lots of career opportunities that can lead them to a higher level in terms of professionalism. They keep a check over the quality of the products that are brought by the company. He makes sure that the quality and the quantity received from the manufacturer is without any flaws. In the absence of the buyer, the assistant buyer becomes the whole and sole in charge of all the buying and selling activities of the organization.

One of the main things is that the assistant buyer should keep a track of all the shipments that take place in the organization. The timely procurement of the product order should be checked from time to time. Assistant buyer reviews and compares different commodity prices for different types of items and participates in obtaining and making cooperative contractual agreements with other public agencies.

Responsibilities of Assistant Buyer in Detail

To be an assistant buyer is a big responsibility. A person has to strive through a lot of problems in order to achieve the right quality of material with the required quantity. Below given are some of the major responsibilities of an assistant buyer:

Skills of an Assistant Buyer

The job of an assistant buyer is the job that involves a lot of skills. The person should have complete knowledge about the product and the market. He should be very effective in communication skills so as to handle the manufacturers as well as the buyers efficiently. Although the job of an assistant buyer is tough and the person has to put in a lot of handwork as he keeps on checking things either on the phone or on mails, the job of an assistant buyer is very rewarding. The person inspects all the merchandise that are either refunded or exchanged to check if they involve a defect.

Qualifications required by an Assistant Buyer

Career Advancements

For an assistant buyer, the path of various fields is open. He may be promoted to the post of Buyer. The person can also lead a huge team with lots of subordinates under him.

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