Assistant Media Buyer Job Description

A description of the assistant media buyer responsibilities helps you to decide whether you would like to pursue this profession. As it is with every entry level position, the job of assistant media buyer helps you to explore the fascinating world of advertising, sales and marketing.

Assistant media buyers are employed in advertising agencies where they work as a support staff for the media buyer and assist in the media planning, buying and reselling activities. Working under the supervision of the media buyer, these assistants work for a single client or various clients and projects depending on the number of clients and the employees in the agency.

An assistant media buyer may take part in the research for target audience and media planning with the creative team and other staff in the advertising agency.

The assistant media buyer is expected to perform the preliminary research on the availability of airtime/space in different media and what would be the rate, timeslot/page, and other factors while advertising on a specific medium. He negotiates with the vendors and prepares various documents related to media buying and consumption for different clients.

The routine assistant media buyer responsibilities are explained in detail for your information:

Key Responsibilities of Assistant Media Buyer

On a regular working day, the assistant media buyer has to keep an eye on the various mediums and advertising strategies of the competitors in order to suggest positive measures for improving client's campaign.

Skills of an Assistant Media Buyer

An assistant media buyer is a person who is responsible for earning profits for the clients and agency as well. He should be excellent in communication and negotiation along with proficiency in mathematics and statistics to evaluate the most economic and effective media solutions for clients. Technical skills such as using MS Office, internet and e-mail are also necessary to work efficiently in this position.

Becoming an Assistant Media Buyer

A minimum of a bachelor's or associate degree in mass communication, business management, marketing, or advertising and public relations help you to get this job. Previous experience of working in an advertising agency or sales and marketing department is also beneficial.

Career Scope

An assistant media buyer can earn anywhere from $33,000 to $87,000 depending on your past experience, educational qualification and the tasks assigned to you during the course of your job. Assistant media buyers can reach to the position of media planner or buyer. Assistant media buyers continue to be in demand as there is no shortage of advertising agencies in USA.

The assistant media buyer responsibilities are to work with wholehearted dedication in the organization to ease the work pressure of the media planning personnel.

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