Associate Editor Responsibilities

Media has a great influence in our daily lives. It is one of the most effective ways of communication. It gives the people an idea about the latest happenings around the world. Sometimes the news is exaggerated to gain maximum viewing, but it does provide valuable information. The associate editor plays a vital role in supporting the editor. The associate editor responsibilities primarily involve reviewing other's content and making the necessary changes, planning and assisting in the production and other related administrative duties.

Primary Associate Editor Responsibilities

The associate editor responsibilities depend on the type and size of publication house the person is working in and may differ from one organization to other.

The associate editor is a middle level intermediary position who has some experience in editing but not sufficient experience to qualify for a senior post.

Listed below are some of the key associate editor responsibilities:

  1. The associate editor ensures the subordinates submit content of high quality
  2. He generally supervises the team of subordinates and makes sure that he provides constructive feedback
  3. He is actively involved in developing and implementing policies and procedures that are in compliance with the ethical standards
  4. He evaluates the performance of his team members and makes recommendations for the improvement of the quality of content for ensuring the readability
  5. He is involved in the hiring process whenever there is shortage of workforce and trains them
  6. He checks the content thoroughly with respect to its content, style and grammar. He may request to rewrite some of the articles in order to ensure high quality

Secondary Associate Editor Responsibilities

In addition to the above mentioned duties the associate editor also needs to perform some secondary responsibilities which are as under:

Essential Skills and Qualities of an Associate Editor

To become a successful associate editor you need to have some of the following skills and abilities:

  1. Excellent interpersonal skills, self motivated
  2. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  3. Ability to work in a team as well as able to work independently
  4. Should have passion to excel and be creative
  5. Should have an ability to work under pressure and work in tight deadlines ensuring timely and quality execution of the work assigned
  6. Good understanding of the publishing procedures and should keep himself updated with current developments in the media

Educational Requirements

A bachelor's degree in English and or Journalism is required. A master's degree in communication or media arts is preferred though not mandatory. Relevant experience in writing and editing is a plus. Designing skills will also prove to be beneficial.

Work Schedule

The work hours are not standard. Being in a need to work in a fast paced environment and handle huge responsibilities the work hours are irregular depending on the deadlines of the assignments. He may need to work for long hours on evenings, weekends or even on holidays to ensure that the work is completed on time.

Salary Details

There is huge demand for associate editors in both the off line and on line media. The salary offered is competitive for a person with good academic qualifications and backed by strong experience in editing.

Career Advancement

The success of an associate editor depends on how well he handles the responsibilities. If he proves his ability he can be promoted as an editor of that publishing house.

So before making your entry in the field of media to grab the best opportunity, you are now well-acquainted with the associate editor responsibilities and the additional pre-requisite skills and experience in the related field.

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