Area Coordinator Responsibilities

An area coordinator works in an educational institute. He is responsible for the management of residence hall and the various programs aimed at personal growth of the students and staff. Area coordinators are required in every residential facility because they help the staff and students to engage in various activities that contribute in their personal and professional growth.

An area coordinator is involved in the development of various programs as per the requirements of staff and students. Depending on the course opted by the students, he researches and plans various fun activities that are aimed at increasing the knowledge and efficiency of the students. He also plans programs that are aimed at the growth of staff so that they can efficiently execute their responsibilities of teaching and managing classroom activities.

The area coordinator looks after the physical and mental wellbeing of the students and staff and addresses their requirements and problems. He helps in maintaining a proper environment in the residential facility and manages the overall operations in coordinating with other employees in the facility.

The area coordinator motivates the staff and students to participate in the community service programs. He ensures that the students follow the ethics of the residence facility and the educational pursuits as well.

We have categorized the area coordinator responsibilities under various heads as it will help you to get a clear idea of this profession.


An area coordinator is involved in the program planning and implementation to fulfill the requirements of students and staff. He plans different activities for the students and staff to facilitate smooth coordination between both parties.

Staffing and Training

The area coordinator selects and trains the staff and employees for the residential facility. He conducts training sessions for old staff at regular intervals.

Performance Appraisal

The area coordinator evaluates the performance of staff and employees in the residential facility. Based on their performance and competency, he may suggest promotions to the administration.


The area coordinator counsels the staff and students and addresses their emotional needs and difficulties.

Organize and Schedule Outdoor Activities

The area coordinator organizes and schedules various outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, community services, etc., at regular intervals for the staff and students.


The area coordinator prepares budgets depending on the requirements of the residential facility. He communicates the requirements of the facility to the administration and ensures that the funds are allocated and utilized properly.

Facility Management

The area coordinator helps in managing the facility. He supervises and instructs the housekeeping staff in maintaining a clean and healthy environment in all areas of the facility.

Skills of an Area Coordinator

This job demands individuals who are:

Becoming an Area Coordinator

To become an area coordinator, an individual requires a master's degree in personnel management, education management, or a closely related course. Previous experience is also required for this job.

Career Scope for an Area Coordinator

Average salary for an area coordinator is $53,000 while the salary range for this position is $38,000-$65,000. An area coordinator is provided with a furnished apartment for every job and in every location. Other allowances and benefits vary with each organization.

Area coordinator responsibilities help you to prepare for this job as you become aware of the prerequisites of this job.

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