Import Coordinator Job Description

The import coordinator responsibilities include strategizing, supervising and managing the working and undertaking of purchasers, buying executives and other associates who indulge in purchasing commodities and employment services as well. He/she basically lies under the group of buying administrators. He/she studies and examines the market trade status and transport systems in order to evaluate the accessibility of necessary current and future constituents.

An import coordinator organizes and takes care of the management of redundant constituents and oversees the sectional buying monetary funds of the organization. He/she designs and enforces buying and documented administrational operating instructions, systems and standard methods.

He/she also finds out the sellers of constituents, instruments and provisions and questions the same in order to make sure that the commodities are accessible and that the conditions and statements of merchandising are suitable.

An import coordinator has the following mentioned key responsibilities and duties:

Import Coordinator Responsibilities

Qualifications and Skills Required

The minimum qualification needed to make it to the post of an import manager is a bachelor's degree in business management or a similar field.

The candidate should be well aware of rules and standard policies that are in line with different home and global protocols. Doing a few courses and obtaining a few certificates in business and administration would be very useful to him/her and would make him/her very knowledgeable and productive.

Requirements of some skills are also very important, so that the candidate can work as an import coordinator.

An import coordinator should be able to comprehend local and global economy and must have strong interaction and fundamental computer skills. Having the ability to administrate and direct a unit in the organization would be considered an asset .

He/she must be able to manage clients well and interact with other units of the organization. Knowing one additional language would be very helpful and comforting. Finally, the candidate should have a balanced mind and healthy body so that he/she can execute the roles and duties of an import coordinator.

Working Conditions

An import coordinator works from Monday to Friday for around 38 hours in a single week. He/she works in a fast-paced and ever-changing ambience, wherein he/she executes multiple roles and functions. He/she gets exposed to the equipment and marketing noise and generally sits and works on a computer. He/she remains very busy in coordinating with other workers of the organization in order to process the movement of goods and ensure the effective execution of import operations.


An import coordinator earns about USD 37, 000 every year on an average basis.

Thus, the import coordinator responsibilities include ensuring the proper transport of goods and commodities within the given time and overseeing the proper processing and clearance of the same.

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