Import Manager Job Description

The import manager responsibilities include organizing import operations and ensuring that they are carried out effectively and efficiently. He/she also administrates and directs the transportation of commodities and products. He/she executes the roles and duties of a negotiator for the concerned organization and for the associates who import from different geographical destinations. He/she makes sure that all the commodities and products have been delivered properly and on time.

An import manager makes sure that all the commodities are safe and sound and that the functional and operational price measures are adopted for delivering and transferring the same. On the basis of the kind of commodities and requirements of the customers, he/she arranges for delivery means that are of very good quality, effective and that ensure profits. He/she strategizes and organizes the best ways and means of conveyance by conducting intense investigations, in and around his/her organization.

An import manager executes the following key roles and responsibilities that are mentioned below:

Key Responsibilities Of Import Manager

Qualifications and Skills Required

An import manager needs to be a graduate in finance, business administration, economics or a similar field. He/she could also hold a bachelor's degree in business administration with majors in all of the above subjects. Having a master's degree in the same would be very advantageous for him/her, as he/she could get shortlisted for high positions in this field.

This would also ensure that he/she gets an attractive job where he/she makes a lot of money and has many facilities, benefits and comforts. Although, he/she would have to handle many important responsibilities and roles and in such a case, only sky would be the limit. Possessing some years of expertise in the same field would be an added advantage for the organization that he/she joins.

Having some skills apart from the above mentioned qualifications would also help him/her to perform better, like he/she would need to have good interaction and organization skills. Knowing an additional language would be very useful, and he/she should also have good geographical and focusing skills. He/she would need to adjust and work in a team and should be ready to execute his/her roles and duties in a multicultured work environment.

Working Conditions

An import manager has erractic working hours, wherein his/her organization executes import operations in a 24/7 work environment. He/she works in an office chamber and can be summoned to work at any given point in time. His/her company office is located near airports, railway stations and ship ports. He/she talks a lot over the phone and also works on computers, besides executing other import functions.


An import manager's earnings and remunerations depend on his/her qualifications and years of experience. He/she draws an annual salary of around USD 27, 000 to USD 30,000 on an average. But with an increase in his/her qualifications and experience, he/she can also look forward to earn more than USD 100, 000 per annum on a median basis.

Thus, the import manager responsibilities, duties and roles include executing the import operations of the organization and making all the arrangements for the transportation or delivery of products and commodities.

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