Account Representative Responsibilities

Account representative responsibilities are very crucial in maintaining good client relations and to ensure they are satisfied. Client and customer satisfaction boosts a business and thus is the work profile of an account representative.

The account representative, as the name suggests represents the company one is employed in and stands for the products or services they produce. The job profile thus automatically affects the sales figures as well. The marketing department works in close relation with the account representative.

In fact, the policies regarding sales are made in consultation with the account representatives. They are the ones who have to submit records and survey results in order to make the framing of policies possible. For example, providing after sales services or complimentary gifts, etc., are part of the policies that an account representative can suggest.

Account Representative Key Responsibilities

The account representatives are more often than not the contact persons for the clients and people who wish to inquire about the company and the services, etc. It is his or her job to make people aware of the same. Many a times he or she has to conduct press conferences and produce material for publishing promoting about the company.




One of the account representative responsibilities include maintain communication via various media, depending on the kind of information and follow up is required. For example, it can be just an update which can be conveyed via e-mails, or telephone conversation for verification and confirmation process.

Client Interaction

The account representative responsibilities include planning for the company's goal and also the clients' requirements for their business. This not only gives him or her the idea of ways to change or improvise the company policy but also be of help to the management in detecting new avenues for making profits.

These professionals are supposed to respond to the queries of the clients through different mediums. Getting back in touch with them with the proper answers is a part of the account representative responsibilities.

Assist in Audits

Assisting in audits means providing relevant information to the auditing team about the company, the policies, the working system, the way projects produce results, etc. Clarifying the auditors' doubts and procuring information required to conduct the audit.


Give the management feedback about the performance, competition, market trends, product pricing, customer or manufacturing issues, market conditions, etc.

The feedback is essential for the team leads as well to track and improvise their team members performance and also to boost the results.

Promotion Activities

Being the account representative of the organization the account representative has to ensure people are aware of the company and its services as well as promote the after sales services.

One also needs to promote the policies and various sales offers for attracting new customers.

Customer Relations

Maintain good relations with the existing customers and the new ones alike for strengthening the professional bond.


When one acquires some experience or is promoted to a senior level, one is asked to conduct training sessions for the newcomers.

Thus, these were the account representative responsibilities in general. It may vary from organization to organization and also depends on the industry. It is also advisable to refer to the company specific job description and the relevant government data. It will give you a better outlook of the career.

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