Associate Technical Support Analyst Network Responsibilities

The associate technical support analyst post is most likely to be found in the software industry. This is an entry level position and promises a good training ground to learn new things and lead on to acquire a senior position in the organization. This is position that serves as a good platform to learn the associate technical support analyst network responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Technical Support Analyst Network

Associate technical support analyst network needs to handle various responsibilities like installation, configuration, troubleshooting, reviewing the operating systems and continuously developing new applications and systems to meet the corporate requirements. Here is a detailed list of responsibilities that need to be performed by them:

  1. Installation: He installs all the necessary hardware, software and other applications necessary to meet the client's requirements. He ensures that the operations are smooth and that there are absolutely no technical issues associated with it. He installs, configures, and maintains the network devices, systems and equipments and provides appropriate up gradations
  2. Maintenance: He is responsible for the maintenance of the network systems and several other applications associated with it
  3. He monitors the network systems and ensures that there are no technical issues to the users and provides resolution if any. If he is unable to resolve the issue he escalates it to a higher authority
  4. He supervises the networking staff and constantly evaluates and enhances the performance of the network systems by chalking out some effective plans
  5. He maintains a constant backup and archives the data stored in case there is any disaster
  6. He provides apt suggestions based on the statistics of the users to improve the efficiency of the work by implementing new technological solutions

In addition to these responsibilities he performs some other duties which are as follows:

Essential Skills for an Associate Technical Support Analyst Network

An associate technical support analyst should have the following set of skills to ensure success:

Educational Qualifications Required for an Associate Technical Support Analyst Network

A bachelor's degree in information technology or computer science is preferred. A master's degree is definitely an advantage. A certification relevant to networking will help to get the job more easily.

Work Hours for an Associate Technical Support Analyst Network

This role is of great responsibility and needs to function in the absence of the senior person. His work hours may require him to work in the evenings, weekends or even on holidays in response to the needs.

Salary Details for an Associate Technical Support Analyst Network

There is an increasing demand for the network analysts and the salary offered is quite competitive. The salary package is definitely more for the individuals meeting the requisite academic qualifications and having a relevant work experience.

Career Advancement for Associate Technical Support Analyst Network

With the growing demand for the networking analysts in the software industry there is no looking back for the individuals who are thoroughly professional. They can be promoted to senior positions based on their performance and the growth prospects are really bright.

Thus, the associate technical support analyst network responsibilities assure good career prospects and is definitely a lucrative career option. Moreover, it ensures smooth flow of work for the organization.

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