Branch Customer Service Representative Job Description

The branch customer service representative is considered to be the face of the organization, as he is oftentimes the first point of contact for the customers, whether they are regular or potential customers. He may either interact through a telephone, computer system or personally with the customers. He acts as a direct link for the customers and directs them to the most suitable solutions for their problems. He assists the customer to find out what exactly the potential consumer is searching for and thereby, executes the marketing of the products and gain profit.

The branch customer service representatives are associated with a number of business sectors belonging to different fields.

Bank Customer Service Representative Responsibilities

The branch customer service representatives related to the banking sector carry out several responsible tasks.

Retail Customer Service Representative Responsibilities

Account Customer Service Representative Responsibilities

Requirements of a Branch Customer Service Representative

The branch customer service representative need not be a highly qualified individual. Most of the companies merely expect the candidate to be a high school graduate. However, he needs to possess superior quality communication skills, as there is a continuous interaction with the customers. Besides, the applicant needs to be highly motivated, positively minded, well organized, active, and high spirited individual.

The candidate should be blissful and maintain a smiling face at all times, so as to make the customer feel happy and at ease. He should have adequate knowledge about various computer applications and software used by the customer service representatives.

General Responsibilities of a Branch Customer Service Representative

Branch customer service representative responsibilities give you an opportunity to analyze your profession and make an outstanding growth in your career.

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