Front Desk Attendant Job Description

If you are the person who loves interacting with a diverse range of people and are good at administrative and clerical duties, then taking on the front desk attendant responsibilities would really be easier for you. The major responsibilities include handling all the duties related to the front office like handling the phone calls, answering the mails, attending the guests, directing them, etc.

The front desk attendant is a position that is found in several industries like hotel, hospitals, government and privates offices, etc. Thus, he/she plays a vital role in handling the front office area and is responsible for attending and greeting every guest that enters the office premises.

Key Responsibilities of a Front Desk Attendant

The front desk attendant normally functions under the direction of a manager or some senior personnel and is responsible for following all the instructions given by him/her.

What Does a Front Desk Attendant Do?

The front desk attendant is responsible for a wide array of duties like greeting the incoming visitors, understanding their concerns, directing them in the right direction, solving queries if any, maintaining related records, answering all the phone calls and routing them to the appropriate person, providing the required information to the guests, and so on.

These are the general duties handled by him/her in any type of industry. Now let us look in detail the key responsibilities that need to be handled by this professional, more specifically in the hotel industry:

Essential Skills

Educational Background

If you are applying for this job, there is no specific training or education required. You can take training on the job and handle your duties well. However, if you have completed a high school diploma or have any other equivalent and relevant qualification like a license or a certification related to this particular job, then getting an entry in this field would definitely prove to be much more easier.

Work Schedule

The front desk personnel generally works during the standard office hours, i.e., eight to nine hours of duty. Those working in the hotel industry may, however, be required to work in day and night shifts. Normally, this is a full time position, but part time temporary jobs are also available.

Salary Details

According to a survey done recently, the average salary offered for this post is $27,000. In addition to this salary, he/she may receive some additional allowances or perks. The salaries will vary depending on the type of industry, the size of that company as well as the location.

Career Prospects

There is no dearth of jobs for this professional, as he/she may be employed in a wide variety of industries. If he/she is able to perform and deliver work as per the expectations and is updated with advanced technical knowledge, then he/she can definitely rise up to the position of a manger or any other senior position that promises a lucrative career ahead.

Therefore, if you want to climb up this ladder of success really fast, then you must be able to handle the front desk attendant responsibilities efficiently and should try to imbibe some of the above mentioned skills and take the relevant education to prosper in a better way.

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