Front Desk Receptionist Responsibilities

The front desk receptionist position is generally a supportive type of position, and he/she is the first person to welcome the incoming guests, visitors, clients, etc. The front desk receptionist responsibilities comprise handling the telephone calls, routing them in the proper direction, taking care of the incoming clients, attending to their concerns, handling client inquiries, sorting the mails, arranging the appointments, etc. Thus, he/she is the face of the organization who welcomes every incoming visitor in a pleasant tone and with a sweet smile.

Key Responsibilities

The role of the front desk receptionist has definitely widened in the recent times due to the entry of latest technology in various offices and organizations. Today's front desk receptionist should be well equipped with computer knowledge and should be familiar with the related software packages, especially MS Office. He/she may need to enter different data, create word documents, merge some important documents to be mailed, enter formulas in spreadsheets for fast calculation, etc. He/she may provide assistance in various accounting functions like payroll administration, book keeping functions, and several other related tasks. To get a more clear picture, you can view the following points that will give you details about the various key responsibilities that need to be handled by the front desk receptionist:

  1. To interact with the clients and team members in a positive, warm and courteous manner and welcome all the incoming guests with a sincere, pleasant smile and treat them as valued guests.
  2. To promptly acknowledge the guest's presence as soon as he/she enters and enquire about their purpose of visit
  3. To follow all the telephone etiquette, especially while interacting with the potential clients by giving them importance and routing the emergency calls to the concerned department by giving them the highest priority
  4. To be responsible for balancing the cash registers and ensure the safe keeping of all check, cash, credit, debit slips, etc.
  5. To schedule the appointments with the potential clients that would suit their requirements and reschedule them in case there is any cancellation or if there is any emergency requirement
  6. To maintain complete confidentiality regarding the organization and its clients data like names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. or any other crucial details related with the client

In addition to the above responsibilities and duties, he/she may be required to maintain a safe environment by closely monitoring and checking the security system and using the pull cord system in case there is any emergency. Also, it is his/her duty to notify the senior supervisor or manager in case there is any critical situation. He/she is expected to actively participate in staff meetings. He/she handles the mail correspondence effectively by sorting them properly. He/she deletes the junk mails, identifies and marks the highest priority mails and responds to some of the mails whenever required. He/she prepares the outgoing mails which need to be sent at night by post or courier. He/she may draft some important correspondence letters and may assist in preparing the financial spreadsheets. At times, he/she may be required to make certain presentations, necessary business travel arrangements, reservations, etc. He/she may order the office supplies in case they are inadequate. It is his/her responsibility to maintain the reception area clean, neat and tidy. Thus, he/she needs to handle a wide range of tasks.

Essential Skills and Abilities

The person aiming to become a front desk receptionist should have excellent communication skills, and fluency in more than one languages would be a plus point. He/she should be computer literate, especially good at handling Excel, Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint. He/she should have pleasant tone with good telephone etiquette. He/she should be able to juggle different tasks at one and the same time, should be independent, responsible, presentable with good grooming and pleasant personality. He/she should be an alert and attentive listener with good interpersonal communication skills. Excellent customer service and problem solving skills would be an advantage. He/she should be friendly, cooperative, and willing to help and make the potential clients feel special when they are in the office.

Educational Requirements

To make an entry in this field, the individual should have completed a high school diploma or any other relevant education. Most of them will receive training and will learn various things while doing their job. Some employers may prefer individuals who have some formal education and training in the relevant areas.

Work Schedule

The job of a receptionist is full time, while some may prefer to work part time. Those working in the hospitals may require to work for longer hours on the weekends or holidays. It is a monotonous kind of job that may be stressful and hectic at times.

Salary Details

The receptionist can be found in almost every type of industry, but it is more commonly found in the healthcare industry that includes the offices of medical professionals, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Depending on the type of work environment, their salaries may differ. The average remuneration offered for this professional is $27,000, which may change depending upon the person's individual caliber.

Career Prospects

The career prospects look promising. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate is expected to grow up by about twenty four percent. Those who have had a successful track record and are updated with the latest technology and education will surely rise to the higher position.

Thus, if you want to take your career to new heights, then handling the front desk receptionist responsibilities effectively and efficiently in a professional manner is a must.

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