Front Desk Supervisor Job Description

The front desk supervisor responsibilities play a pivotal role in the overall smooth functioning of the organization. This position is normally found in the hotel industry and is responsible for ensuring excellent delivery of services to its customers. If you are the person who loves to interact with a diverse range of people, are able to supervise the work of other people and get it done effectively ensuring greater profits, then taking on a career as a front desk supervisor would definitely prove to be a right career option for you, and you will be able to make it really successful. As a front desk supervisor, you would need to communicate with various other departments like accounting, housekeeping, etc., to ensure the smooth operation of the organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Front Desk Supervisor

The first and the foremost duty of the front desk supervisor is to ensure guest satisfaction by providing excellent services to the incoming customers, greeting them, and providing them rooms that suit their needs, requirements and budget. He/she provides all the information regarding various facilities available in their hotel and ensures that the guests remain content. Also, if there are any problems, he/she tries to solve them in the best possible way by carefully listening to the customers' requests and integrating it with the rules and regulations of the hotel, but without hurting their potential guests' feelings. He/she generally reports and functions according to the instructions given by the front desk or office manager. The following points mentioned below will throw more light on the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by the front desk supervisor in detail:

  1. To communicate the problems of the guests to the respective department and to check the discrepancy reports
  2. To perform all the front desk operations and to assist the front desk clerks in the check in and check out procedures and ensure their proper registration procedures
  3. To keep himself/herself updated with the knowledge of the database software and assist in the reservation procedures and be acquainted with posting of different charges
  4. To be involved in collecting the payments from the guest and ensure that all charges have been applied accurately
  5. To be aware of all the rates of various rooms, special promotional schemes, the nearby tourist attractions and make relevant arrangements for the same in case some guests request for it
  6. To handle the complaints promptly in a courteous manner and to bring unsolved problems to the attention of the senior personnel

In addition to the above responsibilities, the front desk supervisor conducts meetings and makes the staff aware about the changes in the policies and rules, briefs them about VIPs and makes them aware of the special events. He/she is responsible for monitoring the performance, discipline, and behavior of the subordinates and takes disciplinary action if required. He/she may also be involved in training and coaching the staff members as well. He/she makes sure that the staff requirements meet the operational needs.

He/she communicates with the important messages of the guests promptly and efficiently. He/she carries out inspection of various departments to ensure high standard of hygiene, cleanliness, maintenance etc., and initiates action wherever necessary. He/she maintains effective working relationship with the subordinates and guests. He/she maintains guest accounts systematically to facilitate the balancing at the end of each shift and takes care while handling foreign exchange to make sure that every transaction is noted in the right voucher and is signed by the guest. He/she makes sure that the guests return the keys after all the accounts have been settled down. He/she is well equipped with the knowledge of emergency procedures like evacuation methods with respect to the safety of the guests and the hotel employees. Thus, he/she needs to handle a wide variety of responsibilities and may need to perform some additional duties if required.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Requirements

The basic educational qualification to be eligible to apply for the position of a front desk supervisor is that an individual should have completed at least a high school diploma or general education degree with some experience. Those who have a bachelor's or higher degree related to the hospitality field will definitely be preferred.

Work Schedule

The front supervisor may be required to work in shifts and should be flexible to work at any given time. The timing may vary depending on the organizational and operational needs of the hotel.

Salary Details

The average remuneration offered for this professional is $29,000. It may vary depending on the location, type, and size of the organization. The other key salary deciding factors are that particular individual's skills, educational background and experience in a similar profile.

Career Prospects

There are numerous opportunities available for this position, but those with relevant experience and education are sure to rise to higher managerial positions. Thus, the prospects are bright for those wishing to make a career in this professional.

Therefore, to be successful in this field, the front desk supervisor responsibilities must be carried out effectively and efficiently.

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