Front End Assistant Responsibilities

The front end assistant is an entry level position in an organization and generally works under the supervision of some senior personnel. The front end assistant responsibilities comprise providing valuable assistance in the handling and management of cash flow in that particular establishment, validating the mode of payment, verifying the relevant details, processing the debit or credit card payments, etc., by following the rules and regulations of the organization. Thus, the individual handling these duties should be a responsible person and should be willing to learn and work hard in the organization.

Key Responsibilities

The front end assistant is the first person to attend the requests and inquiries made by the customers. He/she is responsible for greeting the customers visiting the establishment he/she is working in. He/she is responsible for maintaining the service standards. He/she adheres to the policies of the establishment and is accountable for all duties related to the checking up of registers, reviewing in detail the cash reports, checks, deposits, etc. These are some of the basic and primary duties that need to be performed by him/her. The following points mentioned below will give you in depth description of the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by the front end assistant working in any general establishment:

  1. To perform various activities that are associated with the proper scanning and processing procedures of the orders of the customers
  2. To maintain accurate records of the cash and controlling it effectively
  3. To continually seek and execute work processes efficiently and to define methods for improvement by driving price positioning without affecting the customer service standards
  4. To maximize the ability to draw the revenue by being alert and aware, thus driving the financial outcome to the optimum as defined by the budget
  5. To make effective use of various resources and tools to enhance the sales figures, improve the in store efficiencies and process flows
  6. To be accountable for processing the customers' orders accurately, maintaining the supplies by storing it in boxes, bags, etc.

In addition to the above list of responsibilities, the front end assistant is responsible for promoting exceptional public relations by assisting them in solving their problems. He/she is responsible for bringing the carriages that are placed outside, taking proper care of all the equipment and maintaining it, staying alert about the various new products and placing them in right place, following the safety standards, keeping the area clean, etc. He/she is also responsible for reporting if there is any hazard or any kind of violation in terms of safety, thereby assisting in maintaining high security levels. He/she needs to stay updated with any changes in the departmental operations, collects payments for the purchased items and notifies the supervisor in case a change or cash pick up is needed. Thus, he/she is responsible for supporting all the front end duties and ensuring smooth operation of the functions of the department.

Essential Skills

If you are interested in starting your career as a front end assistant, he/she should basically be an effective communicator as well as motivator. He/she should be a good problem solver with good math skills. He/she should be well conversant with computers and should be ready to learn any additional software. He/she should be physically fit, as he/she may need to bend, reach, stoop and lift up some heavy things. He/she should be able to follow the instructions as given and abide by all the rules and regulations of the establishment as well as adhere by housekeeping standards. He/she should be extremely well-organized with the ability to multitask and should be able to deal with diverse personalities in a professional manner without affecting the business goals.

Educational Requirements

The basic educational criteria to qualify for this post is that the person should have completed a high school diploma or GED. Additional higher education and experience would definitely prove to be advantagous.

Work Schedule

This professional should have a flexible mind set and should be willing to adjust to the changes in a positive way. He/she may be assigned to handle more than his/her usual tasks and must be ready to work overtime if required, sometimes even in the evenings or weekdays, especially during the peak season.

Salary Details

The individuals in this profession are paid on an hourly basis and generally work in the retail stores. The average hourly rate ranges in between $7 to $14. The more experienced individuals can expect to earn in the range close to $21 per hour. These positions are normally available full time and may receive additional benefits as well. Those working overtime or on public holidays may get higher compensation and sometimes even added commission.

Career Prospects

The opportunities are bound to increase in the coming years by about sixteen to seventeen percent. With the increasing population, the requirement is definitely going to rise. There are many job openings, but to get the right job, you should have a successful track record that showcases your talent.

Therefore, if you are able to handle the front end assistant responsibilities well, then you can be assured of an upward career graph that promises higher position as well as lucrative salary package.

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